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SpaceCowboy, Central FL

I find it funny when the anti-gunners try to claim that the founding fathers wouldn't want our ancestors to have the "scary" guns of today. Seeing how the 2nd Amendment was designed to allow ordinary citizens to vanquish oppressive governments like Britain was back, I am quite sure that they would want their citizens to have the same weapons available that their oppressors had so that they wouldn't be outgunned. The problem in today's society is that guns have started becoming taboo and now everyone who didn't grow up around them fear them for no reason other than they don't know how to handle them safely and can't understand that they are simply a tool. 50 years ago it wasn't uncommon for a pre-teen to be walking in the woods by themselves with a .22 rifle or larger strapped across their back, in fact it would be considered possibly dangerous to not be with predators such a wild dogs, wolves and bears lurking around. I am teaching my daughter how to handle guns safely and to understand that they are not a toy or something you use in anger but that they are used in defense of your life or the lives of others. I am fairly confident she will be safer and more respectful of guns than any of the children who are taught to fear them. Teaching people to fear something only leads to fighting over it and eventually someone will get hurt emotionally and/or physically because neither can respect each other's decisions. If you don't like guns then don't buy one, but don't think that just because you don't like them that nobody should.

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