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Posts from Vedapushpa, Bangalore/Bengalru-INDIA

Vedapushpa, Bangalore/Bengalru-INDIAVedapushpa, Bangalore/Bengalru-INDIA
Vedapushpa, Bangalore/Bengalru-INDIA

Truth is a universal fact It is the same for all times and places whereas  Facts are the particular instances  bound by time and place...I suppose. 

Vedapushpa, Bangalore/Bengalru-INDIA

'Satyameva Jayate" ... the Hindu Indian dictum means 'It is only the TRUTH that can take us Further'.  Falsehood is not any substantial idea in itself .. It is only a 'coverup' or obstruction to the truth.... and once falsehood is exposed and brushed aside Truth becomes explicit and serves as a 'basis' for taking the idea or action 'FURTHER". 

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