Frank Lloyd WrightFrank Lloyd Wright, (1867-1959) American architect, designer, writer, and educator

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β€œThe truth is more important than the facts.”

Frank Lloyd WrightFrank Lloyd Wright
~ Frank Lloyd Wright

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Mike, Norwalk

I really like the observed separation. And/as/though the truth can exist or stand alone without facts (facts being subjective in the eye of the beholder β€” data based on feelings, perceptions, view, reflection on surveillance, compiled history, etc.), facts (presented, received, equated accurately or otherwise) are an essential element along with truth in an overall applied understanding. "Truth" here would be the element of portrayed natural law while "facts" would be a supporting evidence thereof. Especially in Wright's profession, the truth would be more important than mere facts.

Ronw13, OR

Facts can be misleading, if construed to deceive and/or evade the truth. In the field of "install" facts don't always line up with the truth. 

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR Ronw13, OR 8/17/18

Hence, Truth reveals Hidden facts. 

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Facts, as elements of knowledge,
are, necessarily, subordinate to Truth, by which they must be illumined and informed, to the extent to which they are to be practically useful.

E Archer, NYC

The facts are used to determine the truth.

Mike, Norwalk

Editor, please check your side of comments. Many of my posts are not going through. It is probably my side. I am such a nice guy, I don't understand why so may alphabet agencies and government servants don't like me.

Editor, Liberty Quotes
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Editor, Liberty Quotes Mike, Norwalk 8/19/18

I hate it when that happens.  :-0  We're still making adjustments to the site's design.  If you have left open the page for more than 30 minutes, your session may have expired.  I have bumped the session time up to 90 minutes now.  For those long posts, copy the message before saving.  It happens to me on other sites, too.  Cheers.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Editor, Liberty Quotes 8/20/18

It just happened to me, too, and the message wasn't that long, but I did walk away for about 5 minutes.

Mike, Norwalk

The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land has an absolute opposing view to Wright's quote. It is much more important for the theological despots in control to fabricate and/or twist facts rather than get anywhere near truth. The MSM, being a critical branch of the statist theocracy, finds it of much greater importance to fabricate or twist facts than to facilitate anything remotely related to truth. (this is an extremely short version of what I wrote earlier)

Vedapushpa, Bangalore/Bengalru-INDIA

Truth is a universal fact It is the same for all times and places whereas  Facts are the particular instances β€” bound by time and place...I suppose. 


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