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Wow, I like it! Does this mean that we should go to war with almost every candidate for U.S. President that supports gun control and clearly violates the Bill of Rights? Guiliani, Romney, McCain, Clinton, Obama, Kucinich, Edwards, etc. etc. etc. would be in big trouble if Major General Butler had his way. They are all wiping their collective behinds with the Bill of Rights!

www.SaveTheGuns.com, Maine

The quote by Smedley Butler was a good one... for its day. Now I believe Major General Butler would have a different take on the situation at hand. You see in the 1930's the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were viewed as a sort of barrier. This was a time when warring countries wore uniforms and the battling armies generally conducted themselves along a relatively firm set of rules. Today, when terrorists are slipping unseen across both our southern and northern borders, without uniforms, without ethics and without rules, things are much, much different. Today, the world is a whole lot smaller than it used to be. If you pay attention to the news just today, there was a Muslim extremist that began an Al-Qaeda-like terrorist camp in the State of Oregon. Yes, Major General Butler would see the massive changes in warfare and he would have changed some of his beliefs if he was aware of modern enemy tactics. There are literally thousands upon thousands of terrorists within U.S. borders as I type this message. They are training and waiting. I'm not being an ignorant fear-monger. I have friends in national intelligence who pass things to me once in a while. The core of these messages, I will not reveal to anyone. All I'm saying is that Iran, Syria and North Korea and cooking something in the kitchen and it stinks. Marc www.SaveTheGuns.com

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