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“The restriction of knowledge to an elite group destroys the spirit of the society and leads to its intellectual impoverishment.”

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein
~ Albert Einstein

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David L Rosenthal

I resemble that remark!

Logan, Memphis, TN

Yes, restriction of knowledge to an elitest group should never happen; however, it is not government's job to create the avenue for standardized education either. It IS government's job to make sure that no one is actively hindered in seeking an education. For instance: Just because I don't have enough money, or maybe even the grades, to go to Harvard doesn't mean it's my right for the government to pay for my situation. Now, if someone was actively seeking to keep me out of Harvard, and curtailing my liberty and right to work towards getting into Harvard, then the government should step in and restrain this fellow from harming me.

Mike, Norwalk

The restriction of knowledge to an elite group concerning alternative energy sources not only leads to intellectual impoverishment but of liberty and financial also. The restriction of knowledge concerning religion (making atheism the default establishment of religion for example) destroys the spirit of the society and leads to prejudicial bigotry.

Mike, Norwalk

ETC., ETC., ETC.!!!!!!

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

There is no such thing as "making atheism the default establishment of religion", nothing prevents the study of religion in public schools (e.g. comparitive religion studies, etc). It is the preaching of pure belief systems as "the one true answer" (as is done in many so called "religious education" classes which are really "religious indoctrination" classes... been there, had that done to me, rejected it due to the power of an inquiring mind and non-sheep-like behavior ;-) which is prohibited, very different.

Mike, Mount Holly, NC

I don't think we have to worry about that with the political elite in America. Our problem is impovrishment of knowledge among the political elite.

Mike, Norwalk

Anonymous from Reston, half truths or pure fabrication, spoken like a true bigot. Religious classes other than 'atheism' can only be taught in religious schools. Teaching a pure belief system as encapsulates evolution is only part of the Supreme Court's legislated default national establishment of religion, which is an intellectual impoverishment. (I'm sure you were also molested by a bus load of nuns)

Mike, Mount Holly, NC

Government schools are sheep factories ... they manufacture sheep who THINK they have inquiring minds.

Jack, Grreen, OH

As an atheist myself, I completely agree with Reston. We should have comparative religion in public schools, along with other social studies. It should compare as many religions as practicable, including ancient, native American, Asian, Islamic, (wouldn't it be worthwhile to understand the differences between their sects?) etc. ...even Christianity, although kids is already get so much of that, it isn't as vital. I never tire of learning about religion as it has always played an important part in history.

Mike, Norwalk

Jack, as a Christian, I couldn't agree with you more about all religions being taught in school. (not to compare, but to learn as a patron - giving a loving understanding to all of God's children and creation) I don't agree that very many kids are being taught Christ's doctrines. BUT, that's the point, only those foibles that align with atheism are allowed in public, with few exceptions.

Jack, Green, OH

I fail to see any alignment wirh atheist "foibles" in this country, Mike, indicating a weakness or character flaw of some kind. After all. you realize no atheist could hope to be elected president, or anything else for that matter - so long as it were known, so where's the alignmen? Atheism is not a religion; just.a reasoned conclusion that can't accept magic, superstition, or dogma for the way things are..It doesn't pretend to explain what does, as religions always do. That's why religions exist explain the unexplainable. Atheists are still looking. I do believe religion should be studied, though. I sttill do. I am trying to figure out the conflict between Sunnis and Shias which seem even more deadly than Catholics and Protestants at times.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Jack, Green, OH 1/5/23

Religion is: an object of conscience, an ethic(s), a moral(s), a value (system) or an orientation of correctness / enlightenment, believed sufficiently conventional and sacrosanct as to enable an attributable action. Religion’s foundation, through fruition, encompasses self obligated pursuits and devoted interests based on here identified enablers. When those enablers are drawn upon or referenced as authority, power or reason to enforce, a formal religion is established. A ‘god’ or other ‘relegated source’ of such enablers may or may not be instrumental, or even helpful in defining religion. An object of conscience, an ethic(s), a moral(s), a value (system) or an orientation of correctness / enlightenment (“religion”), can not lawfully be legislated.

Religion is: “ real piety in practice, consisting in the performance of all known duties to ⋯ our fellow men.” (Bouviers Law Dictionary) Religion is: “a) any specific system of belief and worship, often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy [the Christian religion, the Buddhist religion, etc.] b) any system of beliefs, practices, ethical values, etc. resembling, suggestive of, or likened to such a system [humanism as a religion] ⋯ any object of conscientious regard and pursuit” (Webster’s New World Dictionary - Fourth College Edition)

Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Humanism, etc. are NOT religions in and of them selves - they are simply sets of beliefs that individuals formulate from that which they accept as knowledge. It is when those belief sets are morally or, as an orientation of correctness acted upon, that a religion is defined and recognized. Buddhism and Humanism religions, like atheism have no extra human source of moral endowment but, that makes them no less religions. Atheism as an establishment of religion does not allow knowledge of competing religions, promotes moral activities such as baby sacrifice, feeding the hungry, financing the indigent, abnormal deviant behavior, defines religious sacraments like marriage, etc., etc., etc. ! ! !

Mike, Mount Holly, NC

Jack and Mike, while I am a Christian, I don't think religion (of any kind) should be taught in government schools. I believe the teaching of religion is a function of the church not the government. On the other hand, public education is not really a function of the government either.

David L. Rosenthal, Utopia

I still resemble that remark. Mike in Mount Holly has a point regarding the impoverishment of knowledge among the political elite, as well as the observation about those who think they have inquiring minds. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and for that reason it worries me to see how so many are so challenged in comparison even with myself. It is sad, pathetic, even scary. And they elect them.

David L. Rosenthal, Camelot

But who would they get to teach Christianity in public schools? I know - give Reston the job. If King George were really king, Reston would be the jester, the food taster, and the whipping boy. Jack would be the father-in-law.

Jack, Green, OH

I go along with that, Mt Holly. The thing I cannot accept is teaching Creation, Intelligent Design, the Ten Commandments, Prayers of any kind, etc. in puplic school , and worse yet, in science class, because they have nothing to do with knowledge, . They belong in Sunday School. My problem with even putting them in social studies or humanities classes is; sure as anything, individuals would use them as a platform or pulpit to preach ...and who's going to stop them?

Joe, Rochester, MI

Yes, David is elitist ... HE may read the secret documents.

David L. Rosenthal, Langley

Actually, Joe, I get to write them.

Mike, Mount Holly, NC

David (in Camelot ;-) hit the nail on the head ... who would teach religion in the schools? Are they going to hire a Muslim to teach Muslim, a Jew to teach Judaism, etc. No they will hire a jack of all trades but a master of none, and how can he be objective and not partial to his own belief system? The other thing with government schools is you have no say in what your children are taught. I don't believe in evolution, but unless I want to pay for my children to go to school somewhere else (after having already paid for their education once through taxes), I have no choice in what they are taught. If they go to public schools, they are indoctrinated in the religion of the state. Liberalism, environmentalism, evolution, sexual diversity, political correctness - these are all the tenants of the religion of the state which is taught in government schools, and make no mistake it IS a religion. These all represent moral values and worldview formation.

Mike, Norwalk

I don't believe any religion should be taught in any government owned program for youth, most especially K-12 (a possible exception, mature 11/12 graders). My reference was, I had a comparative religion class in college, it was taught by an atheist and I didn't recognize the curriculum as anything I had ever heard in any church. I believe religion classes should be available at a college level. A Jew must teach Judaism, a Muslim - Islam, a Christian - Christianity, etc. If Americans are to truly understand world events, they must understand the people that are creating such events. I've found that most opinions on the middle-east are formed on TV ignorance. Atheism, is a religion when it is acted on in the affirmative, such as communism or nullifying the practice of all other belief systems (in private, public, or otherwise) Atheists regularly try to self-righteously hide behind a noble search of knowledge.

E Archer, NYC

Why the topic of religion is assumed in this quote I know not. If the 'truth' shall set us free, does it not include just the simple telling of it rather than the professing of ancient texts as 'the Truth'? Whenever deception and lies replace simple facts the 'truth' will cry out for recognition -- and will most likely first be considered sacrilege.

David L Rosenthal

The truth will set you free when you know it, which means to believe it, and put it into practice. People hear the truth every day, but it does not free them until they know it.

E Archer, NYC

Belief and knowledge are not synonymous. 'Know the truth' means just that -- know it, not believe it, but 'know it'. That is the trouble with most religionists -- their 'beliefs' are thought to be truth. Well, somebody has got to be wrong because there are more religious wars than all other wars put together. I think few 'know' the truth at all (and even less tell it).

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

This is what the Donald Trump of the North tried to do to us: AND WE KICKED HIM DOWN! We know the truth; about your 54-40 and your slavery: GO TO HELL YOU POS. You should be ashamed of your selves.

E Archer, NYC

Sorry, Hanson, but ... huh?

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

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