Antonio MachadoAntonio Machado, (1875-1939) Spanish poet

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“There is no way; we make the road by walking it.”

Antonio MachadoAntonio Machado
~ Antonio Machado

"Proverbios y cantares" in Campos de Castilla, 1912

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Ron w13, Or

Antonio Machado's life with others during those time of turmoil such as Federico Garcia Lorca endured the persecution of socialism in Europe. Artist at the time in Spain which were pro-republic ( generation 27 ) Pro individual freedom were murdered, such as Federico Garcia Lorca, a great lose for the country of Spain at the hands of Franco. Artist drawn to the plight of the little man, proletariat, expressed great emotional content in their work. We in this nation are feeling the same convulsions with the overthrowing of our Republic at this current time. Proletariat, a person with no worth, but to labor and have children. It is a sad day indeed when in our country we are reduced to such a term used by the Roman Empire. The road we walk are steps in the sea, and leave only wakes which disappear. Rome paved the road we now walk upon, as with the world at large.

Mike, Norwalk

Ron, I like the analogy, very accurate. I am not quite sure how to rate this with stars. I don't know the author sufficiently (at all) to know exactly where he was going with this. More content would be needed to make a meaningful comment.

E Archer, NYC

I think it means that we must make our own way -- if we wish to be free, we have to make it so.

cal, lewisville, tx

Each person must make his own road in life.


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