Archibald MacLeishArchibald MacLeish, (1892-1982) Poet, playwright, Librarian of Congress, & Assistant Secretary of State under Franklin Roosevelt

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“There are those who will say that the liberation of humanity, the freedom of man and mind, is nothing but a dream. They are right. It is the American Dream.”

Archibald MacLeishArchibald MacLeish
~ Archibald MacLeish

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Mike, Norwalk

The criminal successes of the statist theocracy that infests this land, complete with the dummying down and proselyted conversion of the many, has made the liberation of humanity and the freedom of man and mind an unknown to which, dreams can not even fathom.

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Anon    4/21/10

Mike, do I dare say that this definition does not pertain to you and others met and those not yet met? Though the criminal excesses of the statist theocracy make freedom an unknown to which many dreamers can't fathom, I find it hard to believe you are one of them because I know I am not. Less yourself there are many who fit the bill and need to hear the message so I don't find fault with the message and at the same time I do not find fault with the messenger either.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Anon 7/5/21

Anon, to me it is a reality individual sovereignty, inalienable rights, liberty and "the laws of nature and of nature's God" (Declaration of Independence) can not be taken away by foreign actors; such can only be acted against by individuals.

J Carlton, Calgary

Once upon a time "The American Dream" was something to pursue as an ultimate goal. Now we find that it is something we need to wake up from. After all it is only a dream and we need some serious reality to set in and be known by all. It is time to retake the country.

jim k, Austin

The current crowd in Washington is fast turning "The American Dream" into a nightmare.

Mike, Norwalk

(-; Anon, I have been duly corrected, my brush was too broad;-) Thank you for making that point. I personally am not of the New Deal and I neither believe in or participate with the statist theocracy (as much as possible - for one, I have not figured out how to function without funny money). I have my own religion and believe the Constitution is a limitation on servants to operate within natural law. The American Dream MacLeish was speaking of was the empty facade that socialism will put a chicken in every pot. Such materialism is a diversion from the root that is the American Dream. That was / is not the American Dream of the founders. A chicken in every pot would only be a result of the American Dream's expression The American Dream I was referencing was: life is noble and each individual is sovereign, able to pursue all that harmonizes with natural law, justice, inalienable rights and the substance of love, hope, and charity.

Carol, Georgia

Jim K,Austin...I agree. And I think America is awakening to this nightmare. The changes have been going on for so long over generations, so insidiously that no one really notices what is happening. The progressive movement has made headway by baby steps over 100 years. We can thank Obama for one thing. He is so radical and his administration and the congress is so radical that it has finally gotten the attention of the apathetic electorate. Conservatives must unite, otherwise the progressives will "cross the finish line" and we will find ourselves living with anarchy and with no recourse. We must fight this revolution with resolve and without blood. It is time!

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RBESRQ    4/21/10

Dumb statement - The dream of equality, freedom, and the individual's right to live a life unencumbered by bureaucracy, is a dream all peoples' of the world have. The America Dream is what has taken us to the brink of disaster (and we still may fall into the abyss) and reduced us to the shortest lived Empire. It will be the progressives as usual that may halt the precipitous and undeniable fall into the abyss. It's not the conservatives that will make that final push but the religious fundamentalist's, the right wing fascists, and nationalistic fanatics (teabaggers, and brown shirst, etc.)

Elisabeth, Astoria, NY

I agree. In order to have your dream fulfilled, first you have to have a dream. Americans have a dream and never give it up!

Waffler, Smith

One need only to go back to and study the stifling culture and society of old Europe with its Nobility and Chruch hierarchies or the current or recent stifling cultures of Islam or of the 1700's in Japan etcetera to understand the breath of fresh air that was and is the American Revolution. 1776 was not just about freedom from the English overlords but about the freedom of man from years of stictures imposed by the church and the nobility. Now the American penchant for breathing fresh intellectual and political air has invested the cultures of most of the world and many of them strive for the freedom that the shores of America offer. That guys like Mike are still stifled is sad very sad indeed. Guys like Mike J and Jim just need to wake up to reality. If they do not feel free in the America of today they just have their head in the sand.

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    Anon    4/22/10

    Mike, thanks for the text as it reinforces my idea of the type of man you are and I.m glad to say I agree with you and in many ways we are alike. I understand getting out of the boat we're in is not the easiest thing to accomplish but don't stop looking for that way, It is there! Thanks again.

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      Anon    4/22/10

      Waffler, if anybody has their head buried in the sand it is you. Your words ---- Actually forget it, just go back and read your entire post over again and your idiocy jumps right out at anybody with a half of a brain that has even been taught a minimum about our constitution and the reason for it. Maybe you should have a word with the guy who digs your head out every time and he could give it a miss one morning.

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        RBESRQ    4/22/10

        Waffler, One has only to go back a few hundred years to witness the Genocide you all carried out to conquer this nation - don't be a hypocrite.

        Ronw13, 0regon

        The quote is misleading in content and purpose. Spoken by a Marxist propagandist preaching socialism. His" Liberation " is Not Chophshiy Liberty, Macleish's freedom of mind nothing more than indoctrination of a slave mentality. Quite the opposite of Eleutheria and Apeleytheros liberties being a Freed Man. Joseph MaCarthy had him pegged right from the beginning. how persuasive the subversive undermining of the original intent concerning our Forms of Liberty and Freedom.

        E Archer, NYC

        Interesting comments. It is a reflection of the varying consciousness of everyone who 'dreams' of a better future. The 'American dream' means liberty for some, power for others, war against tyranny for even others, etc.. Just about anything you could say about Americans is true. That's what happens in a 'free country.' I try to not spend too much time 'dreaming' and more time appreciating, honoring, and preserving as much of the 'dreams' already realized. It turns out 'getting there' is only the beginning -- keeping the boat on course, working with the winds, not fighting the sea, takes a bit of mastery. I prefer the phrase, "the American Way."

        ed, near toledo

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