Bill ClintonBill Clinton, [William Jefferson Blythe III] (1946- ), 42nd US President

Questionable Bill Clinton Quote

“The purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people.”

Bill ClintonBill Clinton
~ Bill Clinton

No reliable source found. Often attributed to an interview on MTV in 1993 or from a speech at Philadelphia City Hall, May 28, 1993

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Andi, Bakersfield, CA

What the hell? the purpose of government is to protect and guarantee the rights of people

Jeremy, Sydney

It all depends on your definition of "rein in" now doesn't it? :) Not surprising really, what else would you exspect from a politician?

Eric, Nashville



William was at least a thoughtful politician, unlike the current administration. Both liked mary jane however.

Anonymous, springfield, ill

makes ya wanna vote for Hillary don't it. uggg!!

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Chicago    1/12/06

The 'American way' has now been completely perverted by the likes of Clinton, Bush, and 99% of Congress.

Andy, Portland, OR

Bill had it backwards.... "The purpose of the People is to rein in the powers of the Government" - Now that sounds better, doesn't it?

RMM, Boston
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RMM, Boston    4/8/06

...And to think that his middle name is Jefferson! Ugh!

LBJ, Plymouth, MA

I agree with Andy !

Joe, Rochester, MI

...not according to the Constitution. I wonder if Bill ever read it.

a christian republican

Bill had it backwards. Maybe someone should tell him we have a constitution.

Johnson, Gainesville, FL

Maybe Bill wasn't lying (if that's possible). There's no reason to believe that reining in the rights of the people wasn't the purpose of his administration.

Rube Barb, Ozark, AR

"Law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual." --Thomas Jefferson to Isaac H. Tiffany, 1819.

Mike, Norwalk

So typical of the current political metality.

Mike, Mount Holly, NC

Yeah, like his administration did at Ruby Ridge, and Waco, and with Elian Gonzales.

Robert, Sarasota

Editor, I can't believe to posted this...

helorat, Milton

Hard to believe he was stupid enough to say this (Freudian slip no doubt), but it is oh so very Democrat and even more Clintonesk.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

given this web site's other shameful quoting out of context today, I have to wonder what the true context of this quote is... please give the full quote IN CONTEXT or don't waste our time like this...

Mike, Norwalk

Editor, you have to be smiling great big while shaking your head (I happen to be laughing out loud while shaking my head) When you expose one of the worshiped clergy of the leftist's church, some get a little testy.

Eric Engstrom, Wichita, KS

The Clintons were and remain dedicated to a two tiered system of justice, laws, politics, and economics. One for the 'ordinary' and another for 'elites' such as themselves, the enlightened. Such cretins can exist only by duping others. Give me inept bunglers in power any day over the likes of these types, that will enslave and disempower the masses. It is good that they really don't get it.

David Rains, The Colony

I looked up and read the entire speech in question 10 times and could not find the quote much less the words purpose or rein.

Jack, Green, OH

Reston is right Clinton is a better politician than that. It makes no sense. No rating on this quote as it stands

David Rains, The Colony

I would love to read this quote in context since it makes no sense for any politician, except maybe George Jr. to say this out loud. Can you help me?

Eric Engstrom, Wichita, KS

I could not find it either David. Is it possible that the Ministry of Truth has been active? How about it Editor, can we get a look atthe source. I detest the man anyway, but I would like to be able to find the reference myself, for the education of others.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

OK, we have spent a good deal of time looking up the source of this quote and have found nothing reliable. The quote has been tagged as 'Questionable.' If anyone can find a transcript of this quote, please let us know. Thanks.

Roy Purkiss, Riverdale

If these are in fact his words, they elloquently illustrate his actions concerning the gun ban, the judicial selections, the increased taxation, and the tyrannical reign of death upon witnesses to his illegal actions.

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Anonymous    6/16/07

Statist scum

mike vogt, albuquerque, new mexico usa

subhuman communist bastard

anonymous, Toronto, Canada

This proves beyond a doubt that Bill Clinton is the biggest phony in modern history: and possibly all history.

BarryW, Orlando, FL

This fits in exactly with the many ststements made by Hillary, concerning her picture of America.

Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL

Sometimes, our rulers accidentally speak the truth. We are led to believe that government exists for the sake of peace, liberty and justice, but in truth, the REAL purpose of government IS to rein in the rights of the people. The ruling class has not changed for thousands of years. They still exist to bend the common man to their whims and consume the products of our labor. Disguise government any way you please. Cloak it in the vestments which suit your beliefs. Paint it with grand and beautiful colors, but underneath, it will always remain nothing more than an institution with the legalized privilege of violating the rights of its serfs.

M Smith, Torrance,CA

Bill Clinton had a strange concept of liberty. This government is supposed to be of, by and for the people, not those in power. It might surprise you to know that a lot of so-called "democrats" think like this!

Greg, Minneapolis, MN

And to think we elected him TWICE.

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AJ    11/22/08

This site must be run by replublicans.

JDavis, Noblesville

It says that there was no realible source for the statement! Therefore It is probably fabricated!

C Morgan, Greenville SC

Socialist scumbags at their most arrogant. Leave it to a the liberals to assume they know whats best for us poor, uneducated citizens. Or to blame the ills of the world on the money grubbing "ruling class" as Mr Morton does. Are you talking about that "ruling class" that provide most of the jobs in this country?

Steve, Westminster

This quote again? It never happened.

T Truett, Bromide OK

If he read the constitution which I don't think he did!! He didn't have his glasses on!

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Sorry, we did not mean to send this one out again. We can't find the MTV source from which it is attributed. However, in light of recent attempts by Hillary Clinton to take down embarrassing videos of/about her, it may not be entirely out of the question that Bill Clinton's remarks may have been cleaned up by MTV.

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

I think that was a foregone conclusion...

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Thank you Editor !! A stark look at reality. Parading under the guise of " We the People " on the worlds view of values ! The cloak removed. socialist democracy run a-muck !! Knowing a unified effort mounting for the past 150 years, WAKE UP AMERICA , So, So long overdue ! New money never gets the picture !! Manipulation of industry, very old habits. Old European money thinks in even older longer cycles !! Ruthless to the core, are those with skill at finance and favor, that have made slaves of their neighbor for the past 2000 years ! Scumbags ? far to nice !

Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT

"Attribution" made, but "No reliable source found."

So how come this quote found a place on a site that regularly quotes lots of folk on lots of topics ?

At least, honesty prevailed ... but I wonder at the principle of "quoting" things that may not be "quotes." ?

Jim k, Austin

Sounds like Hillary and Bill.

Dan, Houston

Why would you ever publish a "Quote" which, in your own words, cannot be verified. "Source: No reliable source found."
It is a disservice to your readership and the supposed speaker.


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