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“Long before I was ordained a priest, I knew that my church was the most implacable enemy of this republic. My professors … had been unanimous in telling me that the principles and laws of the Church of Rome were absolutely antagonistic to the principles which are the foundation stones of the Constitution of the United States of America.”

~ Charles Chiniquy

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome (Chick Publications), p. 283

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Mike, Norwalk

I don't believe that the Church of Rome is the most implacable enemy of the republic but, I also don't know enough to rate the comment.

Atlas, Holland, PA

The rejection of Mysticism and Altruism are the two principles of the Church of Rome that are completely antagonistic to the principles of Western Civilization which is based on self-reliance. Plus, the COR has insufficient understanding of women.

A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

The Churches of both Rome and America are the enemy of liberty. By its very nature Church is designed to foment fear in The People thus keeping them in line. Is this concept changing? You betcha!

E, L
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E, L    12/29/08
StanLee, South Dakota

Read the book, stay away from Chick. At the time when Charles Chiniquy wrote this book the "Church" was the enemy of all forms of freedom and free thinking. Chiniquy as a boy was not allowed to read the bible or even posses one. Neither was he allowed to read it when going to school to become a priest in the "Church" . Freedom of thought was not allowed. Has the Church changed, Yes. But I believe only for its survival, and if it can ever move back to its position of control of the people, it stands ready.

Cliff, Portland, Oregon
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Cliff, Portland, Oregon StanLee, South Dakota 11/14/20

The Roman Catholic Church maintains that she is the only true, legitimate Christian church in existence. She claims to receive her authority through the right of apostolic succession, passed down from pope to pope tracing back to the apostle, Peter, and therefore, maintains that she never errs. You won't find the truth regarding this matter unless you have an honest heart and have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Church membership is worthless as far as your never dying soul is concerned. If you really want to know the truth you can pray to God and He won't lead you astray.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

I think you are right StanLee. The Roman Church was the only power to recognize the Confederacy, they apparently wished for the demise of the Union. The ideas of the USA and the union (freedom) were and may still be anathema to the totalitarianism of the Roman Universal Church (Rome today, the Universe tomorrow).The Pople wrote a letter to Jefferson Davis which in deplomacy is considered to be recognition. Catholic and "mainstream" persecution is what started the exodus to this land of the free.

RKA, Wasilla, AK

The social psyche of this country is in the strong hold of religious right. You may not believe me. Why then should someone come out and give a speech on religion, be it Romney on behalf of his Mormonism, Kennedy on behalf of his Catholicism, Barak on behalf of his faith in God. To an extent that there even was a debate organized by a priest. Say, something is definitely eating US constitution, and it surely is not termites!!

A.WOODS, Gloucester

Dear Editor, When did you start posting quotations from Chick Publications? I don't know how else to put this at the moment, but, WTF?

E Archer, NYC

In theory perhaps there is some truth in this, but historically, freedom FROM religion has allowed Americans to leave a church that they no longer believe in. But in Chiniquy's day, he was quite right. 100 years prior, you would not have a choice of religion, you would practice the religion of your king, lord, or master. Even kings had to be anointed by the Pope. The Catholic Church dominated Europe for centuries.

Joy, Papillion

Those in the Catholic Church who are unaware of their own history are not following the Christ but a religion which has lived to dominate since it survived a slightly rocky start. Constantine saw potential for uniting the ailing Roman empire and this up-start religion realized it's good fortune in being chosen by him to receive the "most favored" Religion status. In the beginning the "church" hierarchy was Emperor, Bishop of Rome (Pope after the 7th century) and then various other religious and secular leaders. Put Briefly, no religion other than Christian thrived once Christianity became the religion of Rome/Greece. From an X-Catholic of 50 year's, point of view, it seems former priest Ciniquy's assessment despite the "source" is quite accurate!

Trevor Hughes, Charters Towers

I have read a lot of his stuff and he hasnt connected the dots properly. He was one of the first men to recognise the problem of grooming of Children in the Confessional. The Church at the time failed their parishioners by not stamping it out and that is properly the limit of their culpability. The key to stamping out this despicable practice of corrupting the innocents is to realise then as now that it is alive and well and is not restricted to the church. Hence his criticism of the Church was largely wasted because those who motivated his ire went unchecked and the historians have labelled him a crank instead of a champion of exploited children. The best evidence of this is the wikipaedia article about him. Hardly a monument fit for a man of great moral courage and passion. Hidden in his writings is the simplest way to deal with paedophiles Starve their lust by making your home a place of honor and respect so your children wont be drawn to these sickos.


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