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“A reasonable action on the part of the majority is very rare, while the evidence of mob stupidity and brutality is overwhelming. The majority in power make laws for their own financial benefit, disregarding the interests of the minority, and when the weak minority, by adding to its numbers, becomes powerful, it, in turn, does the same thing; thus, by appealing to power to settle their conflicting interests, the conflict would go on forever. ”

~ Charles T. Sprading

Charles T. Sprading's Introduction to Liberty and the Great Libertarians; An Anthology On Liberty; A Hand-book Of Freedom (Los Angeles: The Libertarian Publishing Company, 1913)

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J Carlton, Calgary

Which is why a Constitutional Republic with a strictly limited government is the only way a nation of truly free, individual sovereigns may thrive.

Mike, Norwalk

WOW ! We hold this truth to be self evident. Ahh yes, for example: Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin leads his occupying statist theocracy in promoting war between the races, a war on prosperity and otherwise well being by a class of patron socialists, a war on drugs and terrorists by the statist theocracy which is the largest drug dealer and terrorist organization on the planet, etc., etc., etc.

Mann, Kalamazoo

This quotation presents us with an entirely reasonable, if particularly useless conclusion. The 'wisdom' conveyed is belied by the present reality of extreme corporate socialism exemplified by TARP payments and Fed trillions sent to to the Eurozone. The opening clause of the first sentence should read: "A reasonable action on the part of THOSE EMPOWERED is very rare." History shows clearly that "Mob stupidity and brutality" has also been responsible for most of the truly meaningful changes in precisely who holds power and for the advancement of genuine freedom not usually enjoyed by ordinary people.

E Archer, NYC

Unlimited by the rights of the individual, majority rule is but tyranny by the masses. The name of the game is divide and conquer -- Mann well explains how communist revolutions occur -- they were not interested in the equal rights for all, they were interested in tearing down the inevitable corruption of monarchy, the result being a new form of oligarchy that enslaved the people even more. Politicians are only interested in power -- they are not against ruling others, they merely want to be the ones doing the ruling. Only a true republican form of government which enshrines the natural born rights of individuals can serve as a bulwark against the arbitrary will of a majority. Might does not make right.


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