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“Never — and I mean never — blindly trust the statistics you read [or hear] about the economy.”

~ Don Luskin

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Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In this "Through The Looking-Glass" day, virtually nothing is being portrayed in an even remotely reflective of Reality light.

E Archer, NYC

Broadcast 'news' is designed to get a specific response. Forget about the content being published, look into the reasons such responses are desired. The same numbers can be made to look like the trend is good or bad. What are they really trying to sell me?

Durham Ellis, Birmingham, AL

You can't even trust the definitions. No business has to include expenses in their taxable income. However, American taxpayers have to allow the EXPENSE of government to be included in Gross Domestic Product!

jim k, Austin

Obama get telling us that the economy was just fine, and it wasn't.

jim k, Austin

Oops, kept instead of "get".

Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be self-evident ! ! ! Statistics, hmmm ;-) ahh? By way of example: global climate change. The global climate has never been static - not in millions of years. The reasons for such causal change comes from intellectual, scholastic, political, etc., vantages. On the here subject, statistics are used to create science. 90 percent plus of scientists consulted with, give a similar or harmonious conclusion. A question might be asked; what specifically is or who makes up that group of scientists? and further; why were they selected for their hypothesis? Could that group with a 90%+ agreement factor that so vehemently disagrees with a numerically superior number of scientists on the subject be the same group that is paid by governments to come up with those statistical conclusions? hmmm?

Robert, Somewhere in the US

Never let a CPA become the CEO....

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Robert, Somewhere in the US 2/20/24

Robert, I laugh great big  I was told that exact thing in my first economy class in college. Later on I was told never let an attorney become a CEO. Both equally true. Both occupations are trained to say what is wrong and then act to kill it. hahaha. By personal experience; I had built a company to the point I wanted to start another business. I hired a CPA to be the CEO of the quickly expanding company and he killed it within a year. (some criminality but mostly, just CPA perspective)

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

You're probably not going to get any statical accuracy in a military industrial complex. If you're trying to outfit a military dictatorship you're not likely to be too transparent. Socialism is the challenge to create a civilized nation.


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