Edwin Arthur Burtt Quote

“As compared with impulsive commitment to the first idea which dawns, that is, with intuitive action, reasoning is patient, exploratory of other possibilities, and deliberative.”

~ Edwin Arthur Burtt

Right Thinking, 1946

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J Carlton, Calgary

In this day and age, I'm not so sure it's the "first idea that dawns" so much as the first idea planted by the media. If it's about world events or foreign policy...always follow the money to find the truth. Because 90% of what's in the news is "spin" and half truths.

Waffler, Smith

Reminds of heatlh care debate. Dole said he has worked on the problem for 30 years. Repubs now say Demos are rushing a solution but they did nothing during 20 years of Prez reign and a Rupub Congress. Some said we could not "rush" race relations and their we sat for 100 years. There is always a time to get up and get off the pot. Taken alone the quote is reasonable, I wonder though if this philosopher ever stopped thinking and started acting.


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