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“Give me the children until they are seven and anyone may have them afterwards.”

~ Francis Xavier

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anonymous    8/4/14

My godmothers raised me till I was 6 3/4 yrs old. I regard them as my actual mothers. They were in their 70s when I was born and shaped my temperament and outlook permanently.

Mike, Norwalk

I am not quite sure how to rate this with stars. Accurate enough but, to what ends. Government schools and programs (pre-K and on) implement dogmas that develop a form of Stockholm Syndrome, violating the child's sensibilities at younger and younger years - creating a dependence on their abuser, 'government'. Having had Montessori schools, I have seen the far reaching accuracy of the statement.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    8/4/14

This is a dangerous doctrine that aligns with the thinking of Lenin and Hitler.

jim k, austin tx

Teach children how to think, not what to think. I was raised in a fundamentalist church and it took me years to recover .

Miggletorian Fubblestwort, England

Indeed, this is the foulest of human constructs, brazen in its statement of the method of dominance of one person over another, using stealth - the subjugation of the innocent individual unable to defend themselves.

In the context of religion, where this firmly is, it is an open admission that religion is a cult, subjecting its members to the wills of the priests who desire control.


E Archer, NYC

Another reason to resist efforts to get the State (government) to put kids in their 'schools' as early as 2 years old.

I will say, that from an early age, I did not hesitate to question the apparent hypocrisy of whatever the teachers, nuns, and social workers were 'selling' us -- I spent a lot of time in detention in Catholic school. ;-) The programming didn't take for me -- it didn't take for a lot of people. But those who DID buy it all, became nothing more than drones to be placed where needed to keep the rest of us in line and keep the racket going.

Ron w13, Or

Remember before this nation was formed, the practice of Catholicism or underhanded Roman rule. Promoting state rather than individual. Very dangerous indeed Mary. One can see clearly their effect upon the world. Socialism. Jim under what denomination were you raised ? That will determine the amount of law you were put under. Teach your children a solid foundation of liberty and freedom and its source and text. Discernment can be taught. Threskia Religion, superficial officious parade practiced well through idolatry by government and church. It is liberty and freedom that unite, it is water that separates.

jim k, austin tx

Ron, I was raised in a protestant Bible church. The pastor was a Moody Bible Institute grad.

Ron w13, Or

Thank you Jim, myself also, Moody close but not quite. The law is a chain ! To close for comfort. Doubt in security is no security at all. I claim my right of mercy and right to be free. Seeking after that which good is.


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