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“The people must fight for their laws as for their walls.”

~ Heraclitus

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RobertSRQ    11/13/07

If all laws were good laws I would agree - Laws are confused with justice - we should fight for what's right.

J Carlton, Calgary

The only power Governments actually have over us is the power to enforce laws. So they make lots and lots of them, very few of which have anything whatsoever to do with "justice". Its all about Control! About the only thing we should register is our cars....

Ken, Allyn, WA

Isn't that the truth. In Washington state we continually have the leftist Supreme Court overturning initiatives (but only those that interfere with their agenda) using newly found constitutional rights and corrupt election officials "finding" new ballots cast by felons, illegal aliens, and dead people to elect their favorite socialist politician. The Soviet of Washington makes Chicago and New Orleans look like havens of clean elections.

Mike, Norwalk

When the populous believes that a government of man may create law they have already lost their liberty. Only God can make law(s) and, it is man's moral obligation to make his/hers codes, rules, statutes, etc. in harmony thereto. There are natural laws; by way of example: that of fiscal laws (spend more than you have, go bankrupt, use funny money as wealth, go bankrupt, larceny, etc.), laws against murder, laws to support life, liberty, and property, etc. Such laws belong to 'We The People' as individual sovereigns (as is opposed to any form of democracy)

Logan, Memphis, TN

All governments operate on a level of de facto-ism in the establishment of their laws, because governments are made up of men who cannot escape objective thought, regardless of what basis their laws are derived. Our government was unique--building on philosophy of the enlightenment--because it based its laws on “nature and of Nature's God," as well as such philosophy as Locke's "natural law.” While other countries around the world are fundamentally built on laws established by the monarch or the majority, the United States established their foundation on natural law. If we automatically assume that we are to support any law that is passed by our government, we are severely mistaken. In the United States, we have wandered from the Republican foundations of natural law, and have established both monarchial law (executive privilege) and democratic law (majority rule, regardless of natural law) in its place (not to mention many others). Through democratic infringement on our Republic form of Government, we have enacted many de facto laws that we should rid ourselves of. Civil disobedience is a form of natural right, however, and should be something the citizens engage in peacefully to rid themselves of unnatural oppressions. This quote means little to nothing whatsoever in US application, because it is based on the operation of the Greek polis, which the foundation of our government rejects.

Mike, Norwalk

Logan, said extremely well!!!

J Carlton, Calgary

I think there are more than a few Libertarians here. That's good to see. Perhaps if the First Amendment doesn't work, the Second will.

E Archer, NYC

Notable comments from Logan which is why I agree that we must fight for our Constitutional limitations on government -- fighting for our laws means also fighting against arbitrary laws.

warren, olathe

Properly passed laws can be changed when bad by the people. The Supreme Court makes law and we are told "hands off". This says to us the Supreme Courts laws are more valuable than those made by the people's representatives. Congress needs to be changed to not only represent decency and honesty, but needs to be willing to impeach the leftist members of the court system before we are totally cut out of the law making loop by the court system. We are no longer "by the people for the people," we are becoming "by the lawyers and for the lawyers".

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Any in whom Virtue inheres naturally, necessarily, value, above measure, the Law and reflexly adhere to it.

The defense of it, and that of the ramparts of civilization, is for them a calling.

robert, somewhere inthe USA

Robert, he did say "the people must fight for their laws" the peoples laws, not the government laws. The laws inside the walls.... If American's do not fight fro the peoples laws then we are doomed to be slaves. Wake up people of America and take back your country from these war mongers, Zionists, and plutocrats - the people hold the power....


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