Hermann GoeringHermann Goering, (1893-1946) Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, President of the Reichstag, Prime Minister of Prussia and, as Hitler's designated successor, the second man in the Third Reich. [Göring]

Infamous Hermann Goering Quote

“I am what I have always been: the last Renaissance man, if I may be allowed to say so.”

Hermann GoeringHermann Goering
~ Hermann Goering

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David L Rosenthal

What a schmuck.

David L Rosenthal

I wonder whether he enjoyed the taste of the poison as it drained the life from him.

Robert, Sarasota

Obviously he didn't know the difference between giving and taking

Mike, Norwalk

hmm, I gues there's Renaissance men and then again there's the Renaissance man.

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EGL, LA    12/14/06

A clue to his error in thinking is that he seems to be asking someone to be 'allowed' to make this assumption--not something a true Renaissance man would need to do. Well, that a myrid of other reasons.

Irving, Miami Shores

A severely disturbed creature.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Reads like King George...

E Archer, NYC

Yes, all too familiar in today's political arena. Our rulers give themselves the permission to rewrite the laws for our own good because they believe themselves to be the pioneers of a brave new world order.

RPMS, Banbury

Why does everybody give this quotation a thumbs down? It's revealing of Goering himself and therefore seems to me a rather good quotation. We're asked to rate the quote, not the man!

Eberhardt, Darmstadt, Germany

In reference to David L Rosenthal: I wonder if Socrates enjoyed the taste of the poison as it drained the life from him. The Nazi Party began with good ideas and intelligent leaders, but they got sidetracked. All of us do, and it doesn't make us any less intelligent. Even smart people take part in doing stupid things.

Cyril, York

Denigrating Goering does nothing for us at this point. The quote is what it is and you can react to it. We all know what he was, what he did and how he did it at this point in history.

Kate, Jackson

Creature? Disturbed creature? This shows who he is, and if one doesn't like it, one can ignore Göring, but this is the truth of the man....

Ross Henderson, London, Canada

Ah, dear old Herman.

SS-Obersturmf■hrer, Reichspartietag

Reichsmarschall, We will always love you!! Es lebe Deutschland!!

Erik, Porsgrunn, Norwegen

Goering was reckless, smart, and a larger than life person (not talking about morphine-induced overweight here). Infinitely more interesting (and human, if not humane) than Adolf H! How many of you readers would like to climb into a WW1 airplane to engage in dogfights on a regular basis? G. was the last leader of Richthovens Jasta. And even in Nuremberg in 1946, he cut judge Jackson down to size, exposing to the world what a vain idiot Jackson was! I'm sure he wetted his pants!

rick, Saint Albans

provides insight into how he thought of himself. The world sees him for the sick failyer he was.


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