John FiskeJohn Fiske, (1842-1901) American philosopher, historian

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“The persecuting spirit has its origin morally in the disposition of man to domineer over his fellow creatures; intellectually, in the assumption that one's own opinions are infallibly correct.”

John FiskeJohn Fiske
~ John Fiske

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Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Humility makes the defining difference.

In the absence of humility, pride, prejudice and legalism prevail, all of which are, inherently, witheringly censorious in their judgements.

As William Penn expressed it:

" They have a Right to censure, who have a Heart to help: The rest is Cruelty, not Justice."

E Archer, NYC

"[T]he disposition of man to domineer over his fellow creatures" is THE fundamental danger to Liberty.  Public education has become nothing short of conditioning youth to authoritarianism so that they will not pose a significant threat.  Intimidation, theft, censorship & propaganda are the core tenets to be protected and used against the populace which seem to never be permitted to grow up.  Private businesses enforce 'speech codes' as a condition of employment and even force people into 're-education centers' for re-training thought. 

Socialism is corporatism, if anyone has ever looked to see how a free nation is transformed into the socialist ideal.  Socialism is where the wealthiest and most powerful destroy their competition and monopolize all trade.  The 'pitch' is that it is for the common good, but in the end the super rich have merely protected their dominion and conned the people out of their power.

E Archer, NYC

Quite frankly I have never understood the control freaks throughout my life.  I have never wanted to domineer over anyone and cannot fathom the interest.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Only boys wish to dominate due to their lack of complete perspective scope. Men are guided from the perspective of what serves the needs of all. Boys and girls persecute, while man corrects the circumstances for the maintenance and promotion of all that lives


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