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“Big business in America today and for some years has been openly at war with competition and, thus, at war with laissez-faire capitalism. ... The left's attack on corporate capitalism is, when examined, an attack on economic forms possible only in collusion between authoritarian government and bureaucratized, nonentrepreneurial business. It is unfortunate that many New Leftists are so uncritical as to accept this premise as indicating that all forms of capitalism are bad ...”

~ Karl Hess

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Mike, Norwalk

Government today is a compartmentalization of big business. The left's (Democrat / Republican - etc.) attack on corporate capitalism (crony capitalism / profiteering) doesn't differentiate all else that falls under the now broad defined umbrella that has become ecclesiastically propagated 'capitalism'. Laissez-faire capitalism (capital = a free sovereign's excess tangible assets such as gold and silver coin for investment) can not exist in an economy of licensing, funny money / notes, extreme regulation, socialism (communism to fascism / collectivism to corporatism) and the current conditions of State ownership (property, people as chattel, etc.).

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

As covetous of control and avaricious as they deny that they are, the latter day Pharisees of the Left are hardly averse to "capitalism", particularly as it is in its mercantilist and hideous hybrid National Socialist renderings.

Ronw13, Oregon

Quite dumb down, through the mistrust and ignorance instilled with in the people. Gaming the corrupt market, greed based thought, lacking trust in any form, or understanding of, Free Market Capitalism. Uncritical Minds and False Judgement.

E Archer, NYC

One of the primary responsibilities of the federal government was to prevent monopolies. But the fields of law, medicine, manufacturing, communications, transportation, education -- you name it, all of them -- have turned into rackets. The oil-racket is probably the biggest in the world governing the majority of nations. Personal power, we are taught, is dangerous -- we should be following the rules of experts in their fields. Unions gradually hijack the industries they serve. The product or service is not important, just to require everyone to purchase the goods and services of these monopolies. The unholy alliance of government with big business compels the populace to pay for and accept these services 'for the common good.' I suppose if the common good is making pharmaceutical and power industries rich, then kudos for a job well done. But if not, ... well welcome to the Amerikan commune.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

I am truly, truly sorry to be referring to the efforts of a deceased individual, not able to defend this display, but this quote doesn't make any coordinated coherent sense.


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