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β€œIt comes as news to most people to learn that practically all important ethical teachers -- Moses, Aristotle, Jesus, Mohammed, and Saint Thomas Aquinas, for instance -- have denounced lending at interest as usury and as morally wrong.”

~ Lawrence Dennis

Saturday Review of Literature #661, June 24, 1933

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Cal, Lewisville

Dennis was a Commumist and of course he was against anything Capitalist.

Editor, Liberty Quotes
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Editor, Liberty Quotes Cal, Lewisville 12/26/18

We were not able to confirm that the Saturday Review columnist Lawrence Dennis is the same as the pro-fascist author Lawrence Dennis (1893-1977).  I do not think they are the same person.  A link to the source article is provided.

Ronw13, OR

Oppression, ( a loan with a sting ). usury. economic slavery if practiced upon ones own children. Chophshiy (economic) Liberty, denied. 

Mike, Norwalk

Not shooting the messenger β€” absolutely!  Such interest sucks the means of progress out of a viable economy.

E Archer, NYC

Read the article.  It is a review of a study 'The Internal Debts of the United States.'  It doesn't sound like it's written by a communist, quite the opposite.  The issues raised are as clear as day, written in the time FDR was racking up debts to the Moon.  The only way he could do that is with fiat currency and taking gold out of circulation.

jim k, Austin

Mohammed, an ethical teacher: I think not.

Poorgrandchildren, USA

So, it's OK to make me pay you something when you let me have your truck, but you're supposed to let me use your money without any charge?  BS

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Poorgrandchildren, USA 12/2/22

Paying an agreed upon fee for leasing of capital is fair.  Compounding interest on IOU's used as currency is the corruption of which they speak.  It is an OLD TRICK that the powers-that-should-not-be use to steal the world with nothing but an empty promise.

The world's nations now are leasing every dollar in circulation, sending rivers of interest to their rulers.  The new world order is the same as the old world order, just 21st century style.  This is NOT capitalism, it is a CON.

E Archer, NYC

Hence the gold dinar in Muslim countries.  Any country still using a hard currency is treated as an enemy to the central bankers flooding the world with irredeemable script.

Denise, Durango

Perhaps this is not on the correct 'track' of this discussion...don't care.
Lumping the Son of God in with a group of philosophers is ill advised at best. Indeed tho' He would agree ... His anger was incurred when coming into the Holy Temple that had been turned into a literal money 'laundering' business to extract "usury" out of weary pilgrams who'd come to worship. He overturned the tables and drove animals out of what was supposed to be a Holy place of worship. 
My two denari's worth.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Denise, Durango 12/14/22

Denise, maybe I can add to your story a bit. Jesus was recognized by birthright as the heir to the Kingdom / King of Israel (see his genealogy in Matthew). He road into Jerusalem on a donkey over palm leaves (a ceremony of a king of peace) In the temple was the second largest armed military (the temple guard) in Israel. The law in Israel at the time was there was to be no commerce in the temple. The punishment for temple commerce was to have the merchants tables turned over with all the money falling to the ground to be given to the poor. The merchants were to be whipped. Jesus being the head executive carried out his kingly duty with no restrictions from the temple guard (they knew who Jesus was and his birthright position). Later He was anti-lawfully later sold as a servant and then adorned with a crown of thorns showing what the Romans thought of His Kingdom. Anger was never noted anywhere in the story. 

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

These "important ethical teachers" should have understood that life is a developmental process and that the advanced scientific mind has to unbalance features of the equation to find the ultimate sustaining solution.

Poorgrandchildren, Birmingham

If interest were illegal, no one would have lent me the money to buy my house.


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