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“Education is a private matter between the person and the world of knowledge and experience, and has little to do with school or college.”

~ Lillian Smith

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The quote is in reference to "Life Education" as opposed to "Government sponsored education" which is a totally different thing. I agree with the quote.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

The purpose of school is to create worlds of meaning for students who will latch on and go for it. Some will and some will not. We do not know ahead of time who will and who will not. Thus we should give all an opportunity and then pray.

jim k, austin

And be sure and dumb down the smart students so as not to hurt the feelings of the stupid ones.

E Archer, NYC

Absolutely. The individual is already in a world, the REAL world, and that is what an education should be about, learning about the real world. Waffler is right, good teaching today is considered to be about "creating worlds" for kids to "latch on to" -- wouldn't it be great if these were real worlds and not fantasy worlds? TV does the same thing, Waffler, it creates little fantasy worlds for us to 'get into'. But that is not what Truth is all about. Indeed, the 'world' Waffler has latched on to is not real, but a bunch of hooey designed to keep the common folk away from the established ruling processes that keep domesticated and conditioned human beings docile and obedient -- especially to condition children to accept the abuse of power enforced by the government. They are encouraged to revere government so that when 40% of their earnings are taken by taxes, and 90% of their purchasing power is stolen over a life time for things like public schools and the "war on this" and the "war on that", people will not think anything other than what they have been taught to believe when in fact the country is absolutely bankrupt and beholden to the ruling class which control the very schools and and 'legal' system that enforces this perpetual robbery. I have visited a few high school web sites over the last few days and read their mission statements. Not one had as a point in their mission to develop academic skills! The purpose of an education is to be prepared to earn a living and become self-sufficient (that wasn't listed anywhere either). Of course, what sort of jobs are we suited for -- we don't manufacture anything any more, and no one knows how to (unless they took it upon themselves to figure it out). Most of us are being prepared for entry-level desk jobs that keep the establishment rolling and the profits pouring in, Lawyers prop up the de facto legal system that protects the banks and insurance companies that have taken over the economic system, doctors prop up the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical business, accountants prop up the unconstitutional tax system, corporate jobs are dependent on the confiscatory fiat money system, and the government keeps the propaganda going so that we all are completely in debt and living as if we were millionaires already. Yes, what a 'world' they have created for us while ever the noose grows tighter. That is the result and intent of Fascism.

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Anonymous    4/29/09

Personally, I think that school is a good source from which to gain knowledge and experience.

Mike, Norwalk

within the scope of the topic, I agree


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