Ludwig von MisesLudwig von Mises, (1881-1973) Economist and social philosopher

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“This, then, is freedom in the external life of man -- that he is independent of the arbitrary power of his fellows.”

Ludwig von MisesLudwig von Mises
~ Ludwig von Mises

his book, Socialism, par. II.9.26

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Michael, Houston, TX

While I might agree... at least superficially, and one does have to consider the source. The question is why do those who embrace this idea of radical individuality (ie complete license) will all else considered arbitrary interference always wind up in totalarian regimes... funny about that... ANSWER: Society will only accept so much deviancy...and will ultimately move to control it. We will either practice self control, or else someone else will. (Don't you just hate history sometimes?)

Ken, Allyn, WA

"Arbitrary" is the operative word here. The best way to keep people unsure of themselves, in fear, and under control is to apply random, arbitrary punishment to them.

E Archer, NYC

Michael, TX: What is 'deviancy'? It all depends on the individual -- thus it is 'arbitrary'. Puritans have been burning people at the stake for eons. Do we not recognize the 'deviancy' in the church's practices when they execute the so-called heretics? It is not 'radical individuality' being spoken of here, but simply individual liberty -- freedom from someone else's opinion of what is right and wrong. In a free Republic, the only 'deviancy' is to violate the rights of another -- period. When men go beyond that, it is arbitrary power -- unlawful authority. If anything, the deviancy is the enforcing of arbitrary authority upon free people and telling them it is 'their duty' to obey.


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