Margaret MeadMargaret Mead, (1901-1978) American cultural anthropologist and author

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret MeadMargaret Mead
~ Margaret Mead

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S. Marty Pantz, Berkeley, CA

While the statement may be technically correct, it is misleading at best. This is because, the implied implication of the quote notwithstanding, 99.999999 percent of such "small groups of thoughtful citizens" fail to change the world. Their record would not encourage one to join in.

Waffler, Smith

Mr. Pantz I think you miss a sublte point here. Each of our opinions and expressions and writings change the world. You have changed mine by your post above. The change may not be the one that the individual or small group intended but it will have an effect even like a pebble in a pond causes a ripple. The error individuals make is that they think that they do not matter. They think they do not matter because in actuallity it is not enough for them to have a say or state their piece but they wish to be controlling. It does not work that way in a democracy.

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Anon    7/14/10

Interesting that Jesus was a single individual.

Anon, anon

me thinks a small group is inded trying to change the world.the same political party that said "change you can believe in" how do you like them now?

Mike, Norwalk

Said well Prantz and Anon. Waffler, you're almost right. A democracy is a dictatorial god that does not, can not, recognize an individual (only the greatest mass, most force, compelling might, etc.) while creating law that supersedes everything else (the law of nature and Nature's God, individual rights, justice, eternal principles, etc.) The one star is for the Jesus', Mohammads, etc.

jim k, Austin,Tx

In 1918, a small group turned Russia into a communist country and today a small group is turning this country into a socialist state. And not just the thugs in power now, this has been going on at least since Lincoln.

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    Anonymous    7/14/10

    Like I said Mike it does not work that way. You are entitled to your say your opinion but than God you are not controlling as I perceive you wish to be. What you lack is a respect for the opinions of others.

    Justin, Elkland

    So can a large group of thoughtless citizens.

    Ron, Salem

    Miss. Mead, What can be said ? Though she was a renowned anthropologist and great observer of peace and dominance. Here type of peace brings female rule with out moral restraint of divers lust. which is unnatural to a Christian Republic. So bringing about the social unrest in our order and form that now exsist today. Not my type, I'm more for the Kathryn Hepburn type myself. And for you ladies out there the unrest you create by allowing or perpetuating such behavior plays into the hands of the socialistic and communistic forms of government. Is that what you want? It will bring about your suppression in the end. Advocating unnatural behavior in a Christian Republic. No star for stating the obvious.

    Carol, Sowell

    Anon-I agree. Jesus, one individual, did more to change this world than any other figure in recorded history.

    Robert Edwards, somewhere in the USA

    I give this ten stars... It has been the only way things have changed...


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