Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher, (1925-2013) British Prime Minister (1979–1990)

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“Perhaps I can summarise it best by saying this -- Nations that have pursued equality, like the Iron Curtain countries, I think have finished up with neither equality, nor liberty. Nations, which like us, in the past have pursued liberty, as a fundamental objective, extending it to all, have finished up with liberty, human dignity, and far fewer inequalities than other people.”

Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher
~ Margaret Thatcher

1976 Feb 5, TV Interview for Thames TV 'This Week'

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Robert, Somewhere in Europe

A typical Thatcher remark.... who ruined the English economy by deregulation of the banks.

Ronw13, USA

A Fabian Socialist remark, seeing the garbage left in the USA. Growing up with friends coming from England after WW II speaking of the immorality of England, smeared on every billboard.

Mike, Norwalk

A natural phenomenon that has proved itself over and over again. Equality before the law is far, Far, FAR different than materially equal. The de jure jurisprudence of the U.S. was based on representation of individual sovereign rights - not the tangible person (each person is different, with varying talents, wants, desires, ambitions, etc. while rights remain the same with all people) Thatcher clarified the type of equality that was the focus of the quote. Every time equality has been applied to materialism, the result has been poverty, pain, destruction, despotism, tyranny, an enslaving caste system and a totalitarian enforcement of criminal compelled compliance, victimless crimes, larceny and usurpation.


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