Mark SkousenMark Skousen, (1947-) American economist, investment analyst, newsletter editor, college professor and author

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“No one spends someone else’s money as carefully as he spends his own.”

Mark SkousenMark Skousen
~ Mark Skousen

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jim k, Austin,tx

For a great example just look inside the Beltway.

Mike, Norwalk

That IS, the general rule. There is though, an occasional need for a spendthrift clause. In the government's case, its absolutely true. The servants need to have the gun and whip taken out of their hand when they have the master's check book / ohh yah, the servant has become the armed master, so there is no need to spend as if it was his own.

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RBESRQ    2/14/11

Our Military has the check book and they are meant to be our servants. The government is just a mask for what is really happening in America.

cal, lewisville, tx

Oh hail the great President Jimmy Carter. How compassionate he was-when using other people's money.

dick, fort worth

Boy, these quotations are sop for the hard core.

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    Anonymous    2/14/11

    dick, small letters....

    Elizabeth, Astoria, NY

    Not only complex quotations convey the truth. This is a simple one, but it does portrait human nature and reality.

    E Archer, NYC

    Only RBE and dick could find fault with sound logic.


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