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“All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.”

~ Pat Paulsen

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Mike, Norwalk

really funny, I like it. 5 smiles for funny.

Ben, Orem, UT

An irony that exposes the futility and ridiculousness of our immigration policy today.

bigger, Meltose NY

Right on the button.

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Anon    8/17/09

I'm with you Mike, funny but not any truth to it that could hold water.

cal, lewisville, tx

Now we seem to be in the Indians' place-immigrating ourselves out of our once great existance!

J Carlton, Calgary

They probably think its pretty funny that there are now road checkpoints within the US, ostensibly to look for illegal aliens....what a lark! You're papers pleez!

jim k, austin

When I was little, many moons ago, we played cowboys and Indians. That was before the idiocy of political correctness infested our land. Now I suppose it's cowboys and native americans.

Doug, Calif

Every year at Thanksgiving some liberal newspaper publishes a cartoon showing American Indians greeting the pilgrims as they arrive. In this they attempt to shame anti-illegal immigration advocates by showing how their forefathers were being treated well when they arrived uninvited and how there is some irony in that picture that we should all learn from today. What I learned is that the Indians allowed unchecked immigration to overrun them and look what happened to their societies.

Judith, Corrales

America allows over one million legal immigrants a year. How can we assimilate such a crowd? A Canadian fellow told me more than 20 years ago that our problems stems from trying to absorb so many people into our towns and cities. Almost the flood that the pilgrims caused the Indians. As an aside, the Indians have some advantages in that they own their houses on the res. and cannot be taxed out of their own homes and property.

J Carlton, Calgary

More on Border Patrol harrassment.:

E Archer, NYC

It's a joke, people, but it does make one think...

warren, olathe

I wonder how he failed in all his campaigns to become President.

warren, olathe

Great point Doug.

chester moyle, wilmington nc

he cannot be president....he makes sense


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