Paul HarveyPaul Harvey, [Paul Harvey Aurandt] (1918-2009) American radio broadcaster

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“They have gun control in Cuba. They have universal health care in Cuba. So why do they want to come here?”

Paul HarveyPaul Harvey
~ Paul Harvey

August 31, 1994

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Max Godwin
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Max Godwin    6/24/06

The vast majority of Cubans don't want to come here.

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Skyhawk    12/31/07

The vast majority of Cubans don't have the resources to come here.

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jws    3/25/08
Alex, Another town, another country.

Cuba is poor. They want to go anywhere. Your Florida border is only 60 miles away. What a stupid quote from some arrogant person.

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Dan    7/24/08

I think he's talking about the ideas, not the people. Because they want to make us the new Amerika.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Paul proves Obama's point about the way that some people cling to their guns. He thinks that for Cubans not owning guns is everything. The NRA and some radicals think gun ownership is everything. They are both wrong.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Todays News: Gun nuts trying to end National Park policies about keeping guns and ammo locked up. Last week the NRA was trying to get employees to carry guns into Disneyworld. We got to stop the NRA, it is crazy. It rather then Handguns Control, Inc. will cause people to turn against handguns. Why don't they just shut up.

Anonymous, Toronto Canada

People try to get into the USA to get jobs. The American embargos and policies towards Cuba have made life very difficult for all the Cuban people. Paul Harvey's home spun wisdom suits his audiences demographics (aging white folk) but shouldn't be accepted as fact or even a valuable insight by any one who values information over retoric

jim k, austin

Hey Max, maybe you need to talk to some Cubans that have escaped Castros prison known as Cuba. As usual Waffler spouts his nonsense. As to his second sentence of his first paragraph above,how on earth do you get that from the Harvey quote? Hey, maybe Waff is a mind reader.

jim k, austin

On second thought, Maybe Waff is just putting us all on. His diatribes are a bit funny, some comic relief perhaps since they can't be taken seriously.

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RobertSRQ    7/24/08

Stupid remark. Lets have sensible debate

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

I have guns Jimmy. It is not that big of a deal. I don't flaunt them in front of people or brag about them. And it is not what makes me who I am.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, well, a little too simplistic for me. jim, don't even bother with Waffler. I am sure he is a plant to keep this site interesting. Otherwise he must be suffering from delusions of grandeur and is trying to 'save us' from ourselves. It would be nice to have someone who shares his views and could argue more intelligently -- as it is, he does more to hurt his cause than to help it.

Mike, Norwalk

Just a bit too simplistic for me too.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

I have no cause Archer except honesty. As for you your cause it is treason. You are all for the Constitution until you hear and realize that the Constituion is about and for Union, Domestic tranquility, one Commander In Chief over all the military including the Unorganized Milita then you are against the Constituion. You are a misanthrope and sorry excuse for a humman being.Archer and a traitor along with your buddies Logan and Mike. But worse than being a traitor you are an intellectual fraud.

Karl Marx, franklin , Pa.

Once again define milita? if I must be in a militia to have the right to keep and bear arms, then why don't National Guard troops take their weapons home with them? If I have to be in a militia, then how can the militia be the National Guard? The Nation had not been formed yet! If I have to be in a militai to bear arms and my state bans militia's , then this right is being denied me by the state. Unless of course being in the militia is not a precursor to the right to bear arms, which makes that whole argument moot. So what is the next argument as to why I can not bear arms? If I was in Iraq I am allowed to mown an AK-47 fully automatic assualt rifle, oh but there is a war there right? Have you been to parts of this country? Some of the inner cities, ask the cops they will tell you it is a war their also! I think Philly and Parts of Jersey qualify as war zones!

warren, olathe

Good one. Max they don't want to because they would be killed if it was discovered that they did. So they must deny it.

Ken, Chicago

Ridiculous comment. What do you think he is trying to imply? That healthcare is bad? Ridiculous! No guns is a bad thing? The only purpose of guns is to kill things or practice killing things.
Sure, many Cubans would like to come here, but it is certainly not because they have free healthcare. The two are not related.

J Carlton, Calgary

Hey Ken from Chicago...the reason for the Second Amendment is to defend ourselves from a criminal government...and being from Chicago, you'll know better than most what that is. And why does Obamacare allow for "no" new doctors, but does allow for 16,000 new IRS Agents...(with guns)? Maybe slither back under your ill informed rock. You're ignorance is showing...

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler and Chicago Ken; gun availability in Cuba was a major factor for the success of Castro's revolution. He didn't want another revolution to throw him out so guns went away. Cubans, as well as many others want to come to Amerika for the out dated notion that this is a land of liberty (Amerika is still more free than Cuba but, that is changing). The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land has changed a large portion of the mind set in exchanging liberty for materialism.

Ronw13, Oregon

Gun control and universal healthcare. So then, Why, would people want to leave such a blissful, peaceful, island? Waffler, Why, do you possess, what type of, and for what purpose are your "guns"? Plows to swords, or swords to plows. Just as the seasons change one needs both. It is not rocket science to see the decay, within a moral, decent society. Children will be children, but let them not rule, till found to be morally Responsible. Knee jerk reactions above, speak loudly, of their lack of common sense and personal responsibility. This Nation is Founded upon FREEWILL Association, Far Better than Any system of governance on planet earth. Quality, is, a more excellent choice. Freedom to choose, creates independence, within thought and deed. Liberty, allows the greatest degree of creativity. Let My children be well armed, in mind, thought, and deed, to stand their ground, and supply the needs of themselves, their families and neighbors. Which form, a more perfect Union through, sincerity and purpose. Supply, defend and survive. Cuba allows not, Political Individualism, nor Consumer Sovereignty. Infiltration of corrupt socialism runs deep, in our once Free nation, From the top to the bottom. But obviously, Now, it is seen as a whole, rather than fragmented. Purge All ranks of defense and governing, R+R all corrupt exactors and the institutions they represent. Fed, State, and Local. The militia is Very Alive and Well organized. We the People, comprised of True Patriots have had enough tampering in our lives, our families and our Nations Sacred Liberty and the Honor with Respect it Deserves. Semper Fi

Mick, Manchester

It will be interesting to see what happens in Cuba now Fidel Castro is dead. His brother Raul does not have the revolutionary 'father of a nation' status and now that the paternalistic figurehead has gone Cuba's leaders will have to rely even more on a force of arms rather than force of argument politics to maintain the status quo and yes - free education, health care and gun laws. Lets not forget also the assistance of Catro's Cuba in Angola's war against the South African invasion which is credited with contributing towards the downfall of apartheid. Compare this legacy to someone like General Augusto Pinochet's. However, I foresee the progressive lifting of sanctions, the speeding up of free market practices and loosening of travel restrictions for Cubans. I would bet that even now Trump is considering ways to increase the shark population in the seas off Florida to deter the 1st wave while simultaneously seeking to increase the import of cigars at more favourable rates for his fat cat business pals.

E Archer, NYC

I find it interesting that the darlings of the left are praising Cuba's national health care and education -- it's called population control, literally. Sheesh. You need a permit to conceive, and forced abortions for those that did not get permission to procreate. Totalitarianism absolutely requires national education and medication. Firing squads are also popular.

The Cuban people are imprisoned on an island. Southern Florida has millions of Cubans living there -- ask them if they would trade their lives in America for the free health care and education of Cuba!


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