Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud, (1856-1939) Austrian neurologist, the father of psychoanalysis

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“A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”

Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud
~ Sigmund Freud

General Introduction to Psychoanlysis

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Mike, Norwalk

(-; yeah, whether you agree or not, you have to love it ;-) It makes you think, hmmm

GARY, Sun Valley

This is absurd FALSE DATA

Christopher J Ward, Hobart, Australia

It is reasonable to be fearful when it comes to weapons. Freud's quotes are often time-specific - define the weapon then get scared of IEDs, nukes and so on. It's the person behind the weapon you have to worry abut and their stability. If anyone knows a medium perhaps he could be encouraged to qualify the view.

J Carlton, Calgary

hahahaha...Funny! Gary? Are you ok?

J Carlton, Calgary

Christopher...I don't believe it is reasonable to be fearful of weapons. They are a fact of life. Why spend your life fearful of nukes? Is there something you can do about them? And there is no reason at all to be fearful of firearms, they are a tool to be handled seriously and with respect, but not fear. One might as well say that one will not cross the street due to a fear of buses.

Mike, Pleasant Hill
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Mike, Pleasant Hill J Carlton, Calgary 3/22/21

It is said that Freud believed that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. That being said I would like to award Mr. Calgary with one fine cigar for that post, it went to the heart of it.

There is an anti-gun psychology at work in our country today being pushed by a political class wishing to disarm the American people but that pesky Second Amendment gets in the way, so what better way than to convince the ignorant that an inanimate object in this case firearms can carry the spirit of evil on its own and people are actually buying it!

Guns play the exact same role in criminal shootings that cameras do in child biography,
only the special kind of stupid that permeates the Democrat party can't grasp this simple fact.

Robert Lester, Chiloquin

cocaine head.

Anonymous, Charlotte

Everything with Freud was sexual oppression, fear, or lothing. Not a fan myself.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Much more likely that a love of weapons is a sign of such emotional issues... as they say about folks driving big off road vehicles on city streets: "big wheels, little pee pee"...

Mike, Pleasant Hill
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Mike, Pleasant Hill Anonymous, Reston, VA, US 3/22/21

Emotional issues? I guess it takes one to know one, isn't an irrational fear void of truth a phobia. Extending your logic would also have people afraid of fishing poles, cameras and skateboards. Truth is Mr. you have definitely been hanging out with the wrong people.

When you are in a situation where your life or a meal depends on your weapon I doubt very much whether the emotion at the time is one of hatred for it, being that the tool be it firearm or sword can do anything without a person's hand in mind behind it. 

And of course Waffler jumps on the bandwagon! And ignorance of the history of firearms in America.

Waffler, Smith

Reston is on to something here! I don't fear weapons as long as they are in my hands and not the other guys. Proliferation of weapons is somewhat of a nuisance and somewhat irrational.

J Carlton, Calgary

Reston I take it that if someone has a need for pick up trucks like construction guys etc...that they should stay off city streets else they be seen as inadequate? You judgemental libbies rely pretty heavily on "pop psychology" don't you?

Justin, Elkland

I've found this to be generally true of men.

Mike, Pleasant Hill
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Mike, Pleasant Hill Justin, Elkland 3/22/21

Please enlighten us with your facts of your investigation. 

Justin, Elkland

Reston, I'm concerned that your fear of weapons and trucks and your use of the phrase "pee pee" may point to a serious case of intellectual retardation most likely brought about by a nasty case of neo-progressivism that you probably picked up at a young age. I recommend that you read Locke, Smith, and Jefferson until the condition clears up.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Reston's interest in the truck drivers "pee pee" is , to say the least, interesting. I'm not sure that reading Jefferson or anyone could help Reston.

Terry, Thornaby-on-Tees, UK

Freud died before the 2nd World War and so didn't see the utter devastation the new weapons made of the cities of Europe and Japan. Maybe if he had survived to see that he wouldn't have made such a stupid comment.

Carol, Georgia

I'll pass commenting on this one.

Kennedy Hansen, Edgerton, NE

Not a fan of this one...thanks for the quotes everyday, LibertyQuotes! I've enjoyed them immensely!

RKA, Wasilla, AK

Normally, I do not comment, but this guy's quote made me want to puke. A true retard in the full sense of the word!!!!

Publius, USA

While I am not a fan of Freud or a believer in his pseudo science, there is a small degree of truth in this statement. Evil has many weapons to choose from. If one weapon is removed, another will be found. An emotionally mature person, instead of fearing the tool of aggression, would make himself aware of the aggressor and take measures for his own defense. However, the idea that weapons have any impact on sexual maturity, is utterly absurd and degrades the entire quote to a category of myth and superstition.

Obam Andrew, kampala, Uganda

he was so possed with sexuality

Joy, Papillion, NE

Really? I wonder how he would have felt if someone had put a gun to his head? We'll never know...will we?

J Carlton, Calgary

Joy, I'll bet he would have wished to be able to defend himself.

TCPatriot, Farmdale, Oh

At first I was concerned the cocaine must be behind it, but as I ponder the comment the truth of it is very real! Guns don't kill people, people kill people!

Ron, Salem

In our nation of liberty and freedom it has been the responsibility of parents to teach there children what the tools are and how to use them. As with first Americans and seconds. We hold this tradition sacred. Maturity and responsibility go hand in hand when providing needs and securities for our home and families. This right is found in the rock upon which the republic rest. KJB. Most people growing up in the city and living in the city are out of touch with the real world, trusting their security and well being to another. Liberty and freedom, common sense and maturity. This quote sure struck a cord with the fearful and those lacking maturity.

GunnyCee, Durham.

Yes, his observation was time specific. Freud was no doubt speaking of personal weapons, knives, swords, pistols and such. Not weapons of mass destruction. He was speaking of people who refuse to have weapons of any kind in their homes or to have anything to do with them.

Allen, DC
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Allen, DC    3/22/21



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