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“Every culture and every religion of what we call the civilized world carries, in one form or another, a mythos or story about a time in the past or future when humans lived or will live in peace and harmony. Whether it's referred to as Valhalla or Eden, Shambala or 'A Thousand Years of Peace,' the Satya Yuga or Jannat, stories of past or coming times of paradise go hand-in-hand with hierarchical cultures. Such prophecies were clearly in the minds of America's Founders when they first discussed integrating Greek ideas of democracy, Roman notions of a republic, Masonic utopian ideals, and the Iroquois Federation's constitutionally organized egalitarian society, which was known to Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and Franklin. The creation of the United States of America brought into the world a dramatic new experiment in how people could live together in a modern state.”

~ Thom Hartmann

Unequal Protection: The rise of corporate dominance and theft of human rights, by Thom Hartmann

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Mike, Norwalk

Hartmann missed a substantial portion of the substance of what occurred though, what is stated is a start. A more accurate topic on the subject matter at hand would have been to express the biblical influence (separation of powers - executive / legislative / judicial - for an extremely terse example) and the foundation of natural law (Locke, Blackstone, etc. being such a huge part thereof). The communications (formally, informally, in discussion, by letter, etc.) of the founders relied greatly on what worked in the passed; to that ends, Hartmann does touch on the setting forth of the great experiment. The great experiment worked. Too bad the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land and others (international bankers for example) have so completely eliminated said experiment.

Rusty, Where The Buffalo Roam, USA

Hartmann's ego is surpassed only by his lack of veracity.

E Archer, NYC

This is the first time I have seen all these political philosophies referenced together as sources of American governance. Certainly an interesting take and worthy of consideration. The ideal has still to be realized -- and perhaps that is the way it will always be.

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AL, DC    7/4/19

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