False United Nations' World Constitution Quote

“The age of nations must end... The governments of the nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they surrender their arms.”

~ United Nations' World Constitution

[False] There is no UN World Constitution

Ratings and Comments

E Archer, NYC

Surrender sovereignty, surrender individuality, surrender freedom, surrender responsibility, surrender our posterity to subservience. Why are the people who comprise the UN more fit to dictate to the rest of us? They are a bunch of thieving bureaucrats -- if you think your own government is bad, be glad the UN isn't running things -- yet.

Rick Z, Heartland, USA

Did we ratify this damn thing? I'm sure the Neo-cons would be in favor. There's always someone who thinks they are fit to tell everyone else what to do -- fortunately we have avoided that trap so far. So far...

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

I think too many forget that they already surrendered their sovereignty and individuality when they decided to interact with any one other than themselves... and the inability to see this is just like the inability of a baby to differentiate between "self" and "other"... it is time for the children to grow up, and not remain in a perpetual childhood of self centered blindness.

Eric Engstrom, Kuwait

The best hope of the world is not the UN. The best that the rest of the world can hope for is to be admitted into the United States of America. Anything else, any other government is a poor second-place, at least where individual freedom is concerned.

Brian D. Pickett, Tampa, Florida

To: Anonymous, Reston, Va. I have never surrendered my individuality to anyone. I, as an individual do associate with other individuals, enter into agreements with those individual, honor those agreements out of personal integrity, and discontinue those associations when and as I choose. I would never be extorted into remaining in an association against my will, nor would I compel another to remain in association with me against their will. You, have a twisted view of the world. You suffer from a sickness known as altruism. Most people misunderstand the meaning of altruism as being kind, charitable, and giving, but those interpretations of altruism are incorrect. Altruism is the total surrender of one's rights, of one's will, of one's very being to the group, the state, the nation, the cult and so on. In this condition the individual ceases to matter,. You cease to matter only the group (of whatever kind matters). If it serves the purposes of the group they may do as they wish with you, including killing you, "for the days of the individual have passed, comrad." As for the difference between the you and I sir, the difference between Altruism and the Individual is this; You the Altruist hide in the shadows behind the title of Anonymous, while I the individual stand in the sun light for all to know, BRIAN D. PICKETT, of Tampa, Florida.

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

This is based on the erroneous combination of ideas that war, conflict, strife, crimes, abuses, and disunity could be ended by disarming us (us, not them) and that the Marxists could take us over by taking away our weapons.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, Brian! Very clear.

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

Altruism is always voluntary. When giving is forced, it is not altruism. Altruism can only be an individualistic act, not a group act. But what does altruism have to do with this quote?

A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

Brian: you must be a devotee of Ayn Rand.

Joe, Rochester, MI

When the UN, or any agent (BATFE,FBI, etc.), comes to take my arms, I will make them steal it from my cold, dead hands. My hope is to take a dozen of them with me, because I will not surrender my arms willingly. BTW, the Patriot Act is unconstitutional and definitely NOT patriotic!

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Brian D. Pickett; It's nice of you (quite literally - look up the word 'nice' and 'nescience' [Latin 'nescius'] from which 'nice' derives) to alert us to your brand NEW 'interpretation' of the word 'altruism' and the 'sickness' which has led us to the error of our ways. We will take note and be mindful of our everlasting indebtedness to you each time we encounter the word 'altruism' henceforth. Oh, how the sunlight has made you radiant, enlightened one! Your nearly baked radiance, I have unearthed the dictionary definition of the word in question: altruism - n. Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness. - AHD || Oh, radiant sunstroke, until we unite as a nation to burn each and every dictionary which is currently loose in this great country of ours, let us vow to resist, with all our might, all sinister urges to guide our use of the English language by way of these evil, disease-inducing tomes which have misled us into the improper, 'diseased' characterizations of things like the instincts of a stranger to save a drowning child, so that we may hereafter refer to such instincts by their proper characterization; "the total surrender of one's rights, of one's will, ...". And yet, great raisin (with my most sincere apologies to Lorraine Hansberry), ... I am puzzled just a bit by your comparison "between Altruism and the Individual" for one is a quality, while the other is a physical entity capable of having qualities such as the evil 'altruism'. I readily confess. I have been corrupted by evil, diseased dictionaries. Heaven help me! BTW, the correct spelling of 'Finestien' is on the Howard Metzenbaum quote page.

Dale Morfey, Fort Smith, AR

Keeping my powder dry...

Wally, Missoula

The worst thing that has happened to date happened in 1945 when the United Nations was formed!! It needs to go by the way of The League of Nations!! UN Treaties are in the process of destoying our heritage of freedom! The United States is a key player in the UN, by funding 1/3 of the total Multi-Billion Dollar Annual Budget. Definite cause for alarm! In effect, we are contributing to our own demise!! Where is Congress? What is the President thinking? The UN favors a One-World-Government and all Presidents, since 1945, have sanctioned the UN! None have a clue and if they do/did, they favor our destruction, as the Leader Of The Free World! One-World-Government Advocates, advocate open borders!!!? The people don't!!! When will Congress begin to listen to their constituents? When will we DEMAND the control of Illegal Immigration, Drug Trafficing, and all border-related problems?? Where is the Public outrage!? Incrementally, via the Sustainability Development and the Agenda 21 Program, of the UN, Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, Our Property Rights, ALL UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, are being taken from us, without a shot being fired!! Don't believe it? Don't take my word for it. Go to http://www.un.org/esa/sustdev/documents/agenda21/index.htm Begin your research from there! We have lost control of our nation because the UN has made good on the statement, "The Age Of Nations Must End!" Words such as "MUST" AND "ORDER THEIR SEPARATE SOVEREIGNTY INTO ONE GOVERNMENT does not sound like the Democratic Republic that I aspire to!! Research The Earth Charter, The International Criminal Court, Population Control, Gun Control, Education, Environment, Economy, and Energy Control! These are areas of special concern at the UN. The UN is implementing their plans that includes their own military and they are presently using our military bases for training UN troops!! They sanction dispensation of our Property Rights, the bedrock of a free society, and intend to implement an International Tax, in addition to our present system of taxation. All of this to "fast-track" their agenda toward a totalitarian state. It can't happen here? Readers, WAKE UP!! It IS HAPPENING HERE! There isn't one County in the U.S. where UN plans are not presently being implemented!! Two quick examples. Comprehensive Planning and Smart Growth, are both part of the UN plans and involve every major City in the nation! Can we save the Republic? Only time will tell!!

Marc Richardson, www.SaveTheGuns.com

This quote is a hoax!!! You're all wasting your time on a quote that's completely rubbish. There is no such thing as the United Nations World Constitution!!! This Web site is usually pretty good with research and quoting sources. However, there is no such document. I will agree that the U.N.'s meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations must end. The United Nations should focus on ridding the world of vicious dictators whose primary tool of terror is genocide. But the bottom line on this quote is that it's a total line of BS. There is no document known as the U.N. World Constitution.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Thanks, Marc. It is due to efforts like yours that we come to know the truth. It brings me great joy to determine the authenticity of a quote -- I am even happier to confirm that there is no ratified UN World Constitution. However, the comments in reference to this quote certainly contain valid arguments about national sovereignty.

cassie, nyc

This shit is a bunch of bull

Mike, Norwalk

LOL editor, when you put "{False] There is no UN World Constitution" for the Source, I thought the previous/rest was self explanatory.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Sorry, guys, we picked this quote (again) to help balance the hype with reality. This quote is very prevalent on the net -- and as far as we can tell, it is quite false including its premise, the UN Constitution. However, that doesn't make the UN any less a target to scrutinize...

Anonymous, Cabot AR

Git us out of the UN!

Paul, Union, WA

The absence of forebearance and civility by some in this discussion demonstrates why we have guns for self-defense in the first place. One has to go to Iraq to find better-executed assaults.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Why would anyone want to put their trust in an unaccountable, unelected committee of dictators, thieves, thugs, mafioso, murderers, and degenerates like the UN? There must be some kind of self-destructive, nihilist mental pathology behind it. Please pass the Kool-Aid.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Paul, I see we're only a stone's throw away from each other. Say what you will about the leftist bastion that is Washington, at least they haven't tried to steal our firearms yet. I don't think you have to go all the way to Iraq to find a better assault though. You could probably find one in Seattle.

Glen T. Martin, Radford

You are invited to a large global peace conferencethe World Thinkers and Writers Peace Meetin Kolkata, India on December 27-31. You may come as a delegate for the 14th session of the Provisional World Parliament that will be part of this conference. Papers are also invited for the International Philosophers for Peace Conference that will meet concurrently. (Please send an abstract to Dr. Patricia Murphy at pmurphy@sju.edu.) You may also register as a delegate for the Parliament. Those wishing to participate in the Provisional World Parliament should register with Dr. Glen Martin at gmartin@radford.edu. Your intelligence, experience, and leadership are needed to contribute to this historic event in Kolkata.

To find out more, visit the following sites:


HRomano1030, Bangkok

Agreed, the nation state must be abolished. Individual sovereignty is superior.

Friar Tuck, Nottingham

Self to govt. LEAVE ME ALONE
Praise the Lord, and pass the tax rebates

Ronw13, OR

Thank you Mr. Editor, shedding light on the discussion. Interesting invite, by, Glen T. Martin, Radford. As to the date of the statements made, perhaps not so important, but Now, have more gravity in 2018. Some are In the Know, some want to Know, yet others cannot Know. Without tipping our hand, adversaries have always been present among an unsuspecting people. As to the purpose, it was foretold long before written in stone or upon parchment. Saving of elected lives throughout all generations, a purpose of containment, restraint, upon some, enlightenment with purpose upon others. Sovereignty of the individual is of A Divine nature where the United States of America is concerned. To bring attention to that residing power, is of spiritual awareness on a universal scale, well experienced by certain Leaders down through the generations. They being Fully persuaded. A True spiritual event has unfolded in the not so distant past, watchers globally being made very aware of the event. Multi-dimensional warfare with all its tactics, at the cost of physical lives. As to plans for peace, first there must be total understanding of the Individual in relationship to "knowledge." This answers many questions and puts to rest doubt where our Creator in contract, per founding fathers of the USA is concerned, and His power of Sovereignty bestowed. Cryptic but well understood. Trees is the forest cast forth their leaves, the holy seed is the substance thereof. It has always been the adversaries purpose to cut down "those" Trees. this even comes from within the ranks of believers. blindly so.
God Bless and Semper Fi

Robert, Somewhere in the USA

To have one government means you have no voice whatsoever. You will have no rights and no say in how you live your life. This is why the US and it's western allies want war with Russia - we must keep two or more separate entities. This is why Israel too wants war with Syria and Iran. WWIII would also wipe out debt and reduce the population, that is of course if there's a world left over....

empty pockets, NO, La

It may not be officially written as a "UN World Constitution" but it's a very real intention of the globalists therein. Imagine a world 'governed' by that mess of incompetent, posturing corruptocrats. The stuff of nightmares.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In actuality, an entirely reflective of reality rendering of the ambitions of the globalists.

Unconstrained power mongering, cloaked in a mantle of spurious altruism.

Beelzebub approves.

BR, Ogden, UT

Yikes! That's the scariest damn thing I've ever heard! A simple thing is to look around and see what makes people safe and happy. It's not globalism.

Shawn, Tenino WA

Draft of a World Constitution
Committee to Frame a World Constitution
University of Chicago, 1945


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