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“It is a known fact that the policies of the government today, whether Republican or Democrat are closer to the 1932 platform of the Communist Party than they are to either of their own party platforms in that critical year.”

~ Walter Trohan

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, October 5, 1970

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J. B. Wulff, Bristol, CT

The slippery slope to socialism. The belief that one can get something for nothing drives entirely too many otherwise good folks to believe in pie in the sky. We have allowed this to continue for far too long and our very existence is now imperiled. How? The money is no good! Nothing backs it up. The full faith and credit of the USA is a printing press. "NO!" you say, "It's the taxpayer." The money still has nothing behind it. The taxpayer is paid with worthless paper. It's like musical chairs where the chairs keep going away and the music never stops. If China decides to cash in the trillions of dollars of our debt they hold, what will we give them and what will they accept? We don't have enough gold to cover our debt. Gold, the barbarous relic, except that it is acceptable universally. So, they will buy American companies on the open market with our worthless money and will soon control our economy. Our stage play is to demand that they adjust their currency exchange rate. I expect the face to face interactions are all about buying time and seeking accomodation. The Kool-Aid franchise may be the only sure winner.

jim k, Austin.Tx

This quote explains why the Communists and Socialists do not run any candidates anymore in presidental elections. The Republicrats have given them everything they ever wantd, so why bother .

jim k, Austin,Tx

I take back my comments above. The Commies did run a candidate in the last election, and he got elected.

J Carlton, Calgary

The government of the USA long ago adopted all 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto. It's time "We The People" took the nation back.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

It is neither well known nor a fact, either now or in 1970.

J Carlton, Calgary

Here ya go Reston ...the 10 Planks put simply enough for you to understand:

E Archer, NYC

Since the 50's, the public education system has been conditioning the youth for socialism and obedience to the state. We are ever reminded that the 'teacher' knows best and that we should always obey them or else go to detention. The same mentality and consciousness is maintained after graduation --we have become institutionalized and know little else but institutionalism. We are in awe of big buildings and power structures -- we don't know how to grow our own food or take care of ourselves but we know how to take orders and expect a pay check each week. Government employees now make more on average than the private sector, and while unemployment is at record levels, the government employees are increasing in number. In a communist nation, all citizens are employees of the state, in a socialist country, the government is the #1 employer/corporation in the nation keeping all the rest of the population in line. Fascism (a form of socialism) uses corporations as pawns in their game. Carlton is right, though, while the US is not officially communist yet, all 10 communist planks have been instituted in America, some completely, others perhaps only half way -- but Congress is still working on that!

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RBESRQ    9/23/10

Reston, I think perhaps what is a fact is that today we are more like the Fascist Parties of the thirties, which by the way a number of very wealthy Americans bought into, than we are a democracy.

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    RBESRQ    9/23/10

    It's amazing no one dares call the American military machine, which incidentally spends more tax dollars than all the social programs put together and the bailing out of the banks with our tax dollars, SOCIALISM. America, God, we are so ignorant...

    Dick, Fort Worth

    God, how ignorant of facts we Americans are. At least the majority of these responders.

    Syndee, USA

    3 members of congress voted to support the US Constitution and your liberty 100% of the time in 2009 (Coburn (OK), Flake (AZ) Paul (TX)). Ten percent of the congress, if you include those 3, voted 90% (or better) of the time to support the US Constitution and therefore your freedom. Not many on your side...but ALL are REPUBLICANS. Over 300 of your elected representatives voted to support the US Constitution and your liberty 25% (or less) of the time. They ALL gave an Oath of defend the US Constitution...therefore your individual liberty. Please remember to vote in Nov...and get rid of the 90% of representatives that do not have the personal integrity to honor their Oath of Office. You can look these voting records up on the computer in various sites...these came from The Freedom Index 12-7-09.

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      Nick    9/29/10

      "Please remember to vote in Nov...and get rid of the 90% of representatives that do not have the personal integrity to honor their Oath of Office." And replace them with whom? A bunch of other power hungry liars who will ignore their oaths? No thanks. I'm done believing that people seek positions of power for benevolent reasons. It just doesnt jive with reality.

      George Hale, Grand Junction, CO

      From what I have read and observed the "COMMIES" took over most colleges and universities in the 1930's !! I was born in 1930. Hence most teachers were brainwashed into "SOCIALISM" and in turn passed it on to their students !!!!! And now we have OBAMA !! How many of you commentators have read the US Constitution ?? I have many times and have a copy near my computer !!

      Matt, Calgary, Alberta

      Look at the simple facts. With 100% tax rate on all citizens, there would still exist a deficit and a need for the government to borrow money. Under this course of action, it will one day reach a new extreme when tax will not even cover the interest on a nations debt. America will move towards socialism through corporations as it has his all the colonized world today.

      Mike, Norwalk

      Again; the original foundation of the States united was to be individual sovereigns with representatives hired to serve and protect with in natural law - liberty, and inalienable rights. The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land has replaced that with a religiosity of safety and welfare.

      Patrick Henry, Red Hill

      In Mr. Trohan's day, this nation's Mainstream journalistic landscape had yet to become an utter wasteland.


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