William Jennings BryanWilliam Jennings Bryan, (1860-1925) US Congressman (1891-1895), US Secretary of State (1913-1915) under President Woodrow Wilson, Democratic Party nominee for President 1896, 1900 and 1908

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“Money power denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.”

William Jennings BryanWilliam Jennings Bryan
~ William Jennings Bryan

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Anon    2/12/09

That is an understatement. In some cases they do much more than denounce.

Mike, Norwalk

(-; can you say socialist bail out or stimulus plan? ;-)

jim k, austin

The people in Washington who voted for this "stimulus bill" should be arrested for theft. They won't be, of course, since theft is business as usual in D.C. The pity of it all is that we keep electing the thieves over and over.

Waffler, Smith

Who is "money power" I have never heard him speak, who is he or it or whatever it is, able to denouce, if he has no voice. As far as the Stimulus Bill, I would have to assume the likes of Mike and Jim would be all for it. After all 35% of it or $280 billion of dollars is simply a tax cut for middle class America. For one reason or another I always thought you guys would be for tax cuts. This is just a rabble rousing innocuous quote, and yes the rabble has aroused and given it 5 stars. It is thumbs down for me.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Waffler, Smith 5/14/21

"money power" most accurately is a red herring advancing the misdirectional concept that those who exercise tyranny through monetary means are often criminals.

“MONEY; Gold, silver, and some other less precious metals, in the progress of civilization and commerce, have become the common standards of value; in order to avoid the delay and inconvenience of regulating their weight and quality whenever passed, the governments of the civilized world have caused them to be manufactured in certain portions, and marked with a Stamp which attests their value; this is called money. 1 Inst. 207; 1 Hale's Hist. 188; 1 Pardess. n. 22; Dom. Lois civ. liv. prel. t. 3, s. 2, n. 6.” (Bouvier’s Law Dictionary) Legal tender, notes, currency, ease of facilitation modeling, etc. are all representations of money; AND, for linguistic (not lawful) facility, the term money is also used to describe the representation.

Capital, as used within a monetary medium of exchange province or realm, as differs from “Capital Punishment”, etc. is: “CAPITAL, It signifies money ⋯” (Bouvier’s Law Dictionary). CAPITALIZATION: “The act or process of capitalizing or converting something into capital.” (Black’s Law Dictionary). CAPITALIZE: “To convert (earnings) into capital. All versions and administrations of socialism (communism, fascism, corporatism, woke progressivism, Keynesian Economics, Etc,) disallow any possibility of Capitalism.

Capitalism is a laissez-faire economic system utilizing “capital” that is intricate to/with individual sovereign third parties’ “capital” investment. Because “corporate sole” is no longer recognized by theocratic god states (only extensions of the State – “corporations” - are recognized) no pure or complete Capitalism can exist. Because the current economic system is controlled by the State, no pure or complete Capitalism can exist. Because the god State claims ownership of/to the fruits of its chattels’ labors, no pure or complete Capitalism can exist. Because there is insufficient weight and measure-money available to capitalize (only debt, notes, etc.), no pure or complete Capitalism can exist. Etc., Etc. Etc. ⋯ ad infinitum. All of socialism’s versions and administrations (economics and otherwise) must continually identify a villain, escalate victimhood and change or modify words and terms meanings to continue its deceptions, deprivations and existence. Capitalism, as coined by Marx, qualifies and exchanges “crony capitalism” for the substantive economic system of true wealth.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, the money power and those dependent upon it never cease to try and ridicule those exposing their crimes. For God's sake, Waffler, get a brain. THERE IS NO MONEY! One trillion dollars will be printed up to 'give' to Obama supporters (mostly government contractors, pork projects and unions, not citizens). What happens when you add one trillion pieces of paper to an economy? All the rest of the pieces of paper in circulation will become worth less. It is THEFT on the grandest scale yet in America. Why do we even need taxes if the government can simply spend money it doesn't have anyway? The reason is simple -- it is to keep YOU down, period. They don't need your money obviously -- where is this 1 trillion coming from? They just print it up or even easier, just press a button and poof we are 1 trillion dollars more in debt (and others are 1 trillion dollars richer right before the currency takes a nose dive). The Fed does not have the 1 trillion dollars it is lending us, it is merely trading its own promises to pay (Federal Reserve Notes) for the government's promise to pay (T-Bills) -- and no one will 'pay' anything EXCEPT it will be taken out of our labors and savings by taxes and inflation. And where does the profit go? To the banks that created this money in the first place. Anyone begging for this money doesn't give a damn about the future, only 'what have you done for me lately?' We have been sold a bill of goods, and we are living in denial about it. The boat is sinking, and those in the know are trying to cash in before the whole thing tanks. Parasites and bloodsuckers all.

Ken, Allyn, WA

At least we'll have all of those Obama collector plates around when civilization collapses. Maybe they can be the new currency. At least they're not as easy to make as a dollar.

Waffler, Smith

Archer, Archer, Archer. The government does not print money to pay its bills, if it did the government would not be in 10 trillion dollars of debt. The money from the stimulus will be paid for by selling bonds to those who can afford them. If the stimulus works and incomes rise then more funds will flow back into the treasury. The wealthy bond holders will get a stimulous interest dividend just as they got an Iraq and Afganistan War Dividend. Until the tax revenues are corrected we will always have this bond problem. Again Archer just for you, a substantial amount of this stimulus bill is a tax reduction for middle class people. We get to keep more of our money. Are you against that also?

E Archer, NYC

Waffler, Waffler, Waffler, yes, of course the government prints 'money' to pay its bills -- it is called 'deficit-spending.' Do you know what a Treasury Bond is? It is a promissory note, a promise-to-pay one day somehow, it is an IOU. Who 'buys' these IOUs? Well, what happens is that we exchange Federal Reserve Notes for Treasury Bonds. What are Federal Reserve Notes? They are promissory notes, promises-to-pay, IOUs issued by the Federal Reserve Bank, the 'lender of last resort' -- which means when not enough people trade in their Federal Reserve Notes for Treasury Bonds (T-Bills), the Fed will trade its IOUs (Federal Reserve Notes) for the government's IOUs (T-Bills). For some reason we can't just use the government's promises-to-pay for currency but they apparently can print Treasury Bonds and exchange them for promissory notes from another corporation -- and that banking corporation has been given the exclusive right to use its notes as a legal trading medium, i.e. currency. And what was the price for being able to print your own money? Just confiscate all the gold in circulation (i.e. all of the nation's money!!!) You are being duped, Waffler. If Congress wanted to lower taxes, they would just introduce a bill to do that and everyone would be on board. No, they are spending a trillion dollars and there will be trillions more before the abomination is done. Obama is merely buying votes, and I don't like that -- Julius Caesar did the same thing to gain the popularity of the people, but he had to sack dozens of countries to do it -- 'war dividends.' So shallow and pitiful really. 'Save the middle class' at the expense of their children. We don't need income taxes at all anyway -- the government simply doesn't want to spend responsibly. Taxes are to keep the classes DOWN not raise them up, not at all. And Waffler wants the same, including population reduction -- hmm, I wonder what classes that would be...

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Anonymous    1/15/10

E Archer, NYC Is right


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