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Anonymous, Denver

Kissinger ought to know, since he's helping to bring it about. His has, after all, a very checkered past as those who are acquainted with it know. Checkers is not a game of democracy, it's a game of winner take ALL.

Anonymous, denver

At face value, I am hesitant to agree but when take with his other quotes, I do. Education he defines as father, mother, child is his definition. Education is an and should be an individual thing. If one wants to learn, they will. They will also learn what they choose to. Even in this dumb-ed down educational system. Learning ends only because that individual chose so. Education under any system shows freedom. It just might require more determination or blood shed.

Anonymous, Denver

Excellent--As many things would not exist today if they were not supported via regulation or by wealth of the government. Politician Campaign Funds exchanged for special interest needs equals government.

Anonymous, Denver

Regardless of what I may think of Mr. Silber's other opinions, I would strongly agree with this quote.

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