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Dennis, Fairbanks

Glen Flint in Springfield, NE... You are absolutly correct. I have looked for this for a while. There others as well. I just read the account of the Plymouth Colony and how it failed. Adams and others witnessed the same from others in the Eutopian concept of things. This is completely against the scriptures as well, "...those that do not work, let them not eat". WIdows and orphans were allowed to glean from the land owner' s fields but they had to work for what they got nonetheless.

Minute Man Park in Concord has one of 4 cannon possess by the colonies at the onset of hostillities. Two of them were owned by private citizens of the town of Boston. It was engraved with the words ordered by Henry Knox by order of the United States. There were over 2000 armed privately owned ships with in excess of 14,000 guns, swivel and mounted cannon on Privateers, US Maritime Mesuem. The Continental Navy possess only 64 ships with just over 1000 guns. A well regulated militia means one that is uniiform in drill and movement, Federalist Paper 45. The statutes of the early militias stated what was the absolute minimum one was supposed to report whith when the were called to duty. It was not a limit on what the could bring. The lies of the wicked will be known....

God Bless

Dennis, Fairbanks

Yes the Founders were diests. They were not religious in the sense of the word we understand. They understood that the Roman Church had cast a pall over the spirit of the message Jesus brought. Jesus said he did not come to change the law and that not one wit of the law would be changed until all these things come to pass, "these things" including the heaven and earth passing away and new ones forming. Since that hasn't been done we are still observant tof the law. He did relieve the law of sacrifice, since he bacme that. But the law telling us not to be respecter of persons, their positions, those who subvert the law and publican being extortioners, driving the money changers our with violent physical force... All these things we are supposed to do and the Founders knew it.

God did not set a king over the people, the people demanded it. Four kings later there was a revolt due to the oppression of the king, the ministers and those in high places commited against the people. The amount of tribute collected by the king was six hundred, three score and six talents of gold, 666. It is not about the Boogy Man, its about human nature monopolizing power and abusing it. Jesus was one of the foremost political speakers of the day. He fulfilled the law when he called out those who subverted and perverted the law. hypocrites he called them. "Study the scriptures to show your self approved", he said. There was no new testament then, figure that out for yourselves. He did not say let someone else study and follow them he told you to do it, "Greater things will you do than I". The same goes for the Founding Documents, and the Constitution. Look and see, no one here really knows because those who would monopolize power don't want us to know so they can keep us from uniting.

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