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Larry, PequeaLarry, Pequea
Larry, Pequea

Who better could we elect as presidents of America than a christian wanna be? Clinton, Especialy George Bush Jr, and Barry Soetoro. They destroyed the Constitution.P.S. I believe the illegal fed.reserve under the U.N, controlled by The New World Order, is the organization that elects the president of the U.S.

Larry, Pequea

Thomas Jefferson proved that the Constitution is still the law of the land....NOT the judges.

Larry, Pequea

Just wondering, 56 Founding Fathers, men of integrity,brave men,gave their lives, fortuine and sacred honor so the posterity of this once great nation would continue to acquire freedom and prosperity. How many politions today would offer the same? I'm sure, most demopublicans or republocrats would show their coward character.

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