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Motorod, San Diego, CA

Well, let's take a look at the Reagan legacy on federal spending and deficits. In 1980, the last year of Jimmy Carter's presidency, government outlays were running at 21.7% of GDP and the budget deficit was 2.7% of GDP. (The economy was also a basket case, which is when you would expect budget deficits to be at their worse.) In 1988, Reagan's last year in office, outlays as a percent of GDP were running at 21.3% with a deficit of 3.1% of GDP. The budget deficit over Reagan's eight years averaged 4.2% and ran as high as 6.0% in 1983.

Motorod, San Diego, CA

Reagan funded the war in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to Iran and Iraq and CIA drug sales in the United States. The "War on Drugs" was Reagan's way of maximizing drug profits so he could destroy the democratically elected socialist government in Nicaragua.

Motorod, San Diego, CA

So why did Reagan give huge tax breaks to companies locating our jobs overseas?

motorod, San Diego, CA

When Reagan was Governor of California he slashed the educational budget destroying the best state educational system in the country.

Motorod, San Diego, CA

Reagan would know, since he was an influence peddler of the First Water.

Motorod, San Diego, CA

"WE the People" is the way democracy is supposed to work. Ronald Wilson Reagan was dead wrong on this one, besides the Federal Government, the budget deficit and trade deficits grew larger and more quickly under "small government" Reagan than under any other president until Bush II.

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