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How many have worked inside the hospital ? They have been policing themselves, and dealing with abuse for a very long time. You do not hear much, concerning the abuse of morphine, among doctors. Goes way back ! Uneducated minds scare easily. As with the fear created by Big pill companies, to sell their drugs, Over medication in this country is ridiculous . Every one dies ! It is not to be feared, but understood. Bolstering confidence is a greater cure, Doctors know this very well. How many sugar pills have been passed out !! If one new the trends in there communities from the ER, side of things. Then you see more clearly, what is going on. Of course Air quality and ground water, come to mind ! No one would move to the sunny south, to live by the pretty water. Like the movie Jaws, don't tell them there is a shark in the water. Dirty industry has done more harm, than any thing else. Textile mills, chemical plants, paper mills. Pot is the lest of our worries ! Totally legalize it and the trend will go away.

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