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SaveTheGuns.com, Maine

I give the quote three stars as well, because as enlightening as the quote may be to some who are not paying attention, I would still really like to see an unimpeachable source for the quote that can be cross-checked and its validity assured. It's absolutely essential that if quotes such as this get published and circulated widely (as they should be), that we can check out and validate the veracity of the quote.

SaveTheGuns.com, Maine

This quote is very important in my line of work. There is so many myths, misinterpretations and outright lies coming from the anti-gun crowd. Misconceptions and falsehoods are the ammunition that the anti-gun crowd relies heavily upon. The truth is always in the best interest of mankind.

SaveTheGuns.com, Maine

Wouldn't it be nice if true wisdom could be injected at the doctor's office or fully received by taking a vitamin by mouth? I think it's a shame that the only really vocal people in politics seem to be free of real wisdom. We need to listen to the wisdom of the aged people in our society. We need to look into their past, when things actually worked in America... when families stayed together through thick and thin, abortions were unknown, divorce was rare, crime was even rarer and so forth. Marc www.SaveTheGuns.com

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