Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln, (1809-1865) 16th US President

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“I have been told I was on the road to hell, but I had no idea it was just a mile down the road with a Dome on it.”

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln
~ Abraham Lincoln

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Benjamin J. Brown, Grants Pass, Oregon

This quote, without cryptic deciphering, indicates to what I allege is a secret Human science facility in Grants Pass, Oregon. Though I have never seen the facility nor ever intend to the brain-mapping, subliminal cloning of thoughts and emotions and nuero-impulse assaults are clearly indicative of the "hell" Lincoln described.

john-douglas, nassau

I think every American citizen should have visited "Hell" before now. You see, 'now' is too late, "Hell" is now making the rounds of all American citizens - and plans to stay a while!

curtis, valley falls, kansas

i think that this is a very good quote


Is he talking about the war?

Jasmine Nelson, Curlew

Your quotes are really good

Nancy, Marion, OH

LOL! President Lincoln, you still have the ability to make one laugh, even though you are long since departed. Oh, what a time it must have been for you. We are presently heading toward a similar time, of sorts. I pray God that he sees us well through this one and hopefully, less blood will be shed.

Jim, Stone Mountain, GA

Nancy, good thoughts -- however, if there is a god, he/she/it is clearly not into micromanagement. Thus, I believe your prayers are for no useful purpose other than their "placebo effect" that would apply only to your own limited universe.

Mike, Norwalk

lol, good focused humor. Jim, your religious beliefs are no more significant than Nancy's, maybe (?) less accurate. Even with all the overwhelming evidence you claim to have you haven't been able to give one provable fact to back your belief.

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RBESRQ    8/5/09

Perhaps if he had let the first one go we would need to worry about it happening again. Just think, all that blood spilt for naught... The Dome today is a long way from hell as it now represents the Gold at the end of the rainbow. Jim, all there is regardless of our Universe - in other words we are all that there is. In the human body a septillion actions occur at any given moment ten times more processes than there are stars in the universe – we are each a universe. Source: Paul Hawken.

jim k, austin

Nancy, General Andrew Jackson, at the Battle of New Orleans, said, "Put your Faith in God my Boys, but Keep your Powder Dry". God will not "see us through" if we don't write , call, see, email, etc, our , if you will excuse the expression, leaders in Washington. If your house catches on fire, you may pray about it, but calling the fire department would do more good.

Jim, Stone Mountain, GA

jim k, I love your analogy about the fire department -- it gets 5 stars from me. I also like your proposed plan of action; it might actually provide some results. Mike, I believe there are laws in the universe that are yet undiscovered. I keep an "ESP log" for unexplained events (such as -- I was looking up a phone number on my Rolodex for a person I had not talked to in months, and as I was looking up the number, the phone rang and it is was that that person). I have had dozens of these experiences over the years and had two just last week. Is it coincidence or causation? I am open to all explanation; but ask -- what is the evidence for each explanation? Beliefs do not count, only evidence counts. There may be a god but I prefer to think in terms of "undiscovered laws of the universe." I am devising a contest "The Greatest god in the Universe" -- stay tuned for the rules. With this contest we can have concrete proof for the existence of god. The winner will be considered so great and so powerful that believers from every other religion will be converted to this "contest-winning god." However, I suspect that no god of any religion or culture will show his/her/its overwhelming power and glory and win the contest. As a searcher for truth I am very open to being converted based on the clear winner of the proposed contest. Stay tuned.

R Pace
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R Pace    8/5/09


Mike, Norwalk

Jim, lol, I like it.

Judith, Corrales

You already have your proof of a God. Look around you. How is it that in this solar system, that we have everything we need right here, the Garden of Eden. How long since you looked at a flower? The fact that we are here with such awesome complexity as the Steven Hawkins quote by RBESQ. A Public Radio discussion between scientist I listened to many years ago about whether God existed, the scientist agreed that science will eventually prove God exists. A much Higher Intelligence, thank heavens, is there but whether humans are a part of any longer term design is questionable since humans are prone to creating hell.

Judith, Corrales, NM

Scientist was intended to be pllural, "scientists".

Judith, Corrarles, NM

Something happens between when I type and send. Must be going blind. Pllural was meant to be "plural".

Jim, Stone Mountain, GA

Judith, what you are referred to are observations not a proof. It goes to the issue of association vs. causation. A often quoted example is "the rooster crows every morning and then the sun comes up - therefore the rooster's crowing is causing the sunrise every morning." This is testable by removing the rooster and seeing that the sun still comes up. It is essential to separate personal beliefs from logic and evidence. Most scientists believe that man created god, not that god created man. The recent book "Evolution of God" by Robert Wright gives some good historical insights into this evolution. I believe you would enjoy it.

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    RBESRQ    8/6/09

    Jim, SELF is the greatest god - all that there is is within each of us. We are the one's that make gods and some in our image. Yes, many times I too have experienced this uncanny telepathic behavior; mostly I put it down to chance. I think of myself as an Atheist; my philosophy is never say never, and nothing is final. Tell me, does an Atheist have no beliefs in any possible existence of a supernatural power? or the existence of a superior sentient being on perhaps another planet in another galaxy? If some or all (on this blog) believe in evolution, that humans evolved from the sea, is there the slightest possibility that during this time and perhaps the time before (other existences like Earth or another class M planet), that the mind evolved to such a level that thought was able to exist beyond the life of the body? As Buddha said: ■Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings ■ that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide■. If I had a religion it would be Kindness■ ■ I think the Dalai Lama said this. Though I am an Atheist there is always that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that somehow, through the mighty expanse of time; that there is an higher existence going on that is non-material.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Robert, well said. We need not proselyte on this blog as pertaining to one's extra political (religious beliefs) I'm a firm believer in the Christ, you are obviously not. Our life styles are extremely different (as per past information supplied). That doesn't change one thing in any degree about what true freedom is. A full expose of secular law protects each individual's religious beliefs and statements, not limits or eliminates them. Many look at Christianity as a most powerful magician intervening into the smallest details of one's life in giving Santa Clause like gifts, pleasures and protections. I do not. We individually often express from our core beliefs (atheism to zen) and if we can get over the superficial, we can begin to understand the substance of what each other is sensing, believing, and really trying to say.

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      RBESRQ    8/7/09

      Mike, I think an intellectual conversation between the two philosophies, the believer and the non-believer, is healthy. Well said too...

      Jim, Stone Mountain, GA

      Robert and Mike -- I now define a third category/religion/philosophy to go along with two categories -- "believer" and "non-believer." I define it as the new religion "contest watcher," who will carefully watch the results of the "The Greatest god in the Universe" contest. You are the first to hear about this new religion which I just founded, and I am sure you will want to convert to it you will be numbers #2 and #3 on the roll. The only requirement (no dues or contribution accepted -- that is a switch) is that you be ■watchers of the upcoming contest,■ and then eagerly await any of the universe's gods putting on a dazzling display of power that will convert all followers of all other religions to this god. This stunning display will make this god "The Greatest god in the Universe." Mike -- let your god know the contest is coming so he/she/it (arbitrarily I will refer to your god as a he) can be working on the fine tuning his display of power that will convert followers of all other religions. I understand that your god wants everyone believe in him and ■have no other gods before him.■ Now his chance is coming in a definitive contest. Stay tuned for the contest rules. He should find this to be "slam dunk' if he is as powerful and mighty as you seem to feel.

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        RBESRQ    8/8/09

        I'm using the word philosophy with regard to its original intent...

        Mike, Norwalk

        Jim, again, I really like it, lol. The term God is a title to some extra human experience. The, "have no other gods before Him" is a reference to an absolute free choice.(-; I'm sure you will recall when Christ was tempted to display his power, He just said nah - get behind me <- paraphrased a bit there ;-) My Father in Heaven's dazzling display of power is arrayed through this and all dimensional spheres of existence; thus, conversion is left up to the individual and no force, power, or magic is used to mandate a belief system. All individuals are free to choose whom, what, where or otherwise anything they would like.

        Jim, Stone Mountain, GA

        Mike -- The next time you talk to your god please ask him to participate in the "The Greatest god in the Universe" contest. I and billions of others are potential converts to him. We just need him to again show his dazzling display of powers. There is rumor going around that your god is retired and spends all of his time at his condo in Boca and has no current interest in the universe or its workings. Pity, I still hope he decides to come out of retirement and again show his stuff that he once was given credit for. (I might add that the motives of the writers who reported this are somewhat suspect). He has been so silent for so many past centuries. Please ask him to participate. I am pulling for him because he seems to be more rational (except for some very bad behavior in the Old Testament) than most of the other gods who are expected to enter. I hope they do poorly in the contest. The universe just does not need more crazies running around in a theocratic frenzy shouting messages of hate. I like your god's approach to that one -- except he definitely needs to get over that jealous streak. Many consider that a character flaw of his.

        E Archer, NYC

        Not sure how this discussion turned into the potentially endless debate about the existence of God. One thing I will say, with plenty of evidence throughout history, that there is 'hell': slavery, bondage, torture, fire and iron raining from the sky, evil lords, writhing pain. No I am not talking about the after-life, I am talking about right here on Earth now. Avoiding hell is something we ought to do, and I would suggest that wreaking 'shock and awe' to do so merely creates more hell on Earth. Lincoln surely used the Dome to rain hell upon those that dared to separate from those demons in the Dome. Yes, not only did Lincoln go to hell when he became president, he presided over it!

        Jim, Steone Mountain, GA

        E. Archer -- good point about the hell on earth. It is amazing that in the American Civil War how much each side thought that they (and they alone) were doing the "will of god." As to Lincoln going to hell rather that rotting in his tomb, there is no evidence for it -- i.e. if Mozart was composing from 1767 to 1791 what was he doing after 1791 -- decomposing.

        Mike, Norwalk

        Jim, I get a kick out of reading your posts and trying to cleverly one up God. The Father that I pray to does not play in all the reindeer (carnal man's) games. Because he has been officially rejected now from this land (a statist theocracy taking its place) his hand will no longer stay the hell that is about to be reaped upon it. (man's definition of hell - not original doctrine or mine.)

        Elisabeth, Astoria, NY

        Ah!Ah! Funny, Man! I know the political meaning of the statement is very important, but I ask my colleagues to allow me to confine my comments to his form of expressing himself. His statement was magnificently spontaneous and circumspect at the same time!

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        Anon    4/12/10

        What is done on earth is done in heaven and what is done in heaven is done on earth. Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven and will be done by Him if we don't do it ourelves being in His image. We are fast running out of time though and the road to hell is paved with good intentions and and the road is now very wide.

        David, Stafford, VA

        Hey, guys! The quote is regarding the Congress. You know, with a dome on top? How did we get so far off subject?


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