Andre MauroisAndre Maurois, (1885-1967) French writer

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“In literature as in love, we are astonished by what is chosen by others.”

Andre MauroisAndre Maurois
~ Andre Maurois

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Mike, Norwalk

I don't think I was ever astonished. Understanding that people are different (some like liberty, some like being slaves, some are moral, some are otherwise, etc.). People being so different would leave room for those astonished by others actions.

E Archer, NYC

I seem to have been on the other end of the astonishment interaction as most of my peers and teachers did not seem to ever understand me.  I had a realization early on that even though we all were going to the same school, wearing the same uniforms, taking the same classes, we were all very different.  I happened to love that difference, I despised blind obedience.  I am not so astonished at the choices of the masses these days  I expect absolute ignorance from most, but there will always be a few who dare to speak truthfully (now that is astonishing).


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