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“The sovereignty fetish is still so strong in the public mind, that there would appear to be little chance of winning popular assent to American membership in anything approaching a super-state organization. Much will depend on the kind of approach which is used in further popular education.”

~ Council on Foreign Relations

"American Public Opinion and Postwar Security Commitments", 1944

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E Archer, NYC

That was 1944. 60 years later, the word 'sovereignty' is now relegated to the 'fringe'. Most Americans would turn over everything to the UN now. Looks like the CFR got that popular education approach solved! (BTW to the newbie, the CFR is the shadow government of the US -- they decide who runs on each party ticket, their members include most every federal politician in America -- and most of the national media. So how come we never hear about them?)

Anonymous, Somewhere, USA.

I don't believe that the CFR has the best interests of the American People in mind. I don't trust them. I believe they work in concert with the Jason Society. One or both of these organizations are made up of some members of a clandestine group of peope referred to as MJ12. They are all working in concert to usher in the "New World Order" which is NOT in the best interest of the American people.

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    Anonymous    6/20/06

    The Council on Foreign Relations is a dangerous organization.

    Anonymous, Reston, VA US

    ... and there is a COMMUNIST in every home today... why, there's one behind my bathroom door right now!!! They are everywhere... and we must seek them out and confront them! Hey, we could have "inquiries" into this... yeah, that's it... inquires... (oh, sorry, the voices in my head took over... maybe I can convince them to go back to visit the above commentators who by the above comments they clearly know well too) ... and clearly our education system has totally failed based upon these completely irrational fear of imanginary demons...

    Joe, Rochester, MI

    The government has scared people into begging to give up their rights and freedoms ... through mass education and media. It's the socialists who think we should increasingly support everything the government wants through our taxes who scare the hell out of me.

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      Anonymous    6/20/06

      I can believe there's a communist behind Reston's bathroom door. Especially if he's in there.

      R.J., Greenville, SC

      I fully agree with Joe. Thanks for this site; it is a valuable, courageous resource.

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      Jim    2/16/09
      Freedom Fighter, Land of the Globalist

      Its pretty obvious that CFR is spreading globalism. If you go back in history you will find that the founder of CFR (Edward Mandel House) was a marxist. And he also was the chief advisor for woodrow wilson when he was president. And further more he persuaded wilson to sign the federal reserve act of 1913. Which is the biggest economic fraud in the history of man.

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      Anon    10/7/09

      E Archer, haven't heard from Waffler yet but this is one of the structures he spoke of the other day that has influence in America toward a NWO that he said such structuring was a good thing. I have one question for him and his DEMOCRACY. Where and when do we get to vote for these people and how come we hear almost nothing about them? Thumbs down for the intent and follow through of the idea in the quote.

      J Carlton, Calgary

      A truly evil organization of truly evil people. But its nothing that can't be handled by a well armed populace.

      jim k, austin

      The "One Worlders" will get it done in the public schools. A good example was the school children singing praises to our most gracious leader, Barack Obama, the Messiah. Sort of reminds you of the Hitler Youth Corp.

      J Carlton, Calgary

      Not "sort of" Jim exactly reminds me of the Hitler Youth. And ACORN plays the role of the Nazi Block Captains.

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        Anon    10/7/09

        Jim k, your post brought up an interesting question. Do they they still say a pledge of allegiance to our REPUBLIC anymore?

        Mike, Norwalk

        5 stars for a once upon a time - in a land far far away accuracy, and thumbs down for its applied accuracy. Popular education, where the courts have legislated all competing beliefs to be foreign, bad and unavailable. By way of example: the New Hampshire judge that mandated the home schooled girl that exceeded all - of age equivalent tests, to public school because she was too religious. Popular education that teaches compelled compliance (where police thugs & military goones encircled G20 protesters - ordering them to leave - while they couldn't, they were encircled, and then beat them into submission, for example), license, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity, immorality, funny money (borrowing debt to further extinguish substantive wealth, for example), individual sovereignty is anything but what the founders set forth (no allodial freehold available for example), the desire of the elite communal exceeds the needs of the individual (making deserts in CA & TX of productive food producing farms for example), and all forms of social slavery are the way it should be. hmm

        Waffler, Smith

        This quote could have been made by South Carolina in 1860 or could apply to the states righters on this site.

        Jordan Hoiberg

        I am a fifteen year-old high schooler attending a public school. I participate in MUN (Model United Nations) and Mock-trial, making me the perfect guinea-pig for this social experiment. I will start by stating my belief on such things as the UN (which is obviously the super-state organization they speak of), then sating what I see in relation to this "popular education" so as to give everyone reading this a plain, unbiased eye-witness account of what I see. The UN, in my opinion, is an organization that has succeeded in effecting great change with a minimal level of supranationalism, but the general trend of all international or regional organizations is to grow teeth (this can be seen in the EU with the Treaty of Lisbon that Ireland recently backed leaving it half a step away from ratification). Furthermore, it must be realized that it is only a matter of time until there is further reform in the UN that limits America's power in it. For this reason and, for the most part actually, other basic facts, the UN is not a beneficial organization for America (I've heard of a book written by Bush's ambassador to the UN that supports this, but I have not received the opportunity to read it). On the subject of public schools, the majority of students do not even know what the UN is. Even more students think that history is merely organizing chronological events making it absolutely useless to them in their opinion. It is my opinion on this subject, that while the government has not made a concerted effort to turn our children's brains to "mush" there are unintended consequences because, "if we are unable to comprehend the correlation between past and present events we quickly become disenchanted by modern events keeping us from effectively participating in the government, and in the eyes of the government, turning us into uneducated masses that cannot lead themselves and are susceptible to exploitation," (Jordan Hoiberg (myself) on The Importance of History in School). This is further backed up and actually expanded by the quote I received today from Liberty Tree by Eric Hoffer stating that,"Unless a man has talents to make something of himself, freedom is an irksome burden. Of what avail is freedom to choose if the self be ineffectual? We join a mass movement to escape individual responsibility, or, in the words of the ardent young Nazi, 'to be free from freedom.'" A couple days ago, I experienced an example of this that confirmed my conviction in my earlier statements when I began talking to a fellow student on the measures he that had advised to eliminate terrorism which were kill anyone for whom there was a reasonable enough cause to believe was a terrorist. The class had nearly unanimously agreed that this was necessary to combat terrorism. Needless to say, I was shocked. I immediately remembered two things: The Red Terror and later purges by Stalin as well as the legal ramifications (law is dictated in many ways by society which uses law to hold the government in check). After a short conversation in which I attempted to point out the flaws in the logic of their solution, I began to cite the Patriot Act as an attempt by our government to defile the rights endowed to us by the Bill of Rights. I got the terse response of, "What do I have to hide from the governments?" I immediately remembered a quote (I forget by whom) stating that, "When they took the 4th Amendment away, I was quiet because I didn't deal in drugs. When they took the 6th Amendment away,I was quiet because I had never been arrested. When they took the 2nd Amendment away, I was quiet because I didn't own a gun. Now they have taken the 1st Amendment away and all I can do is be quiet..." He didn't seem to care and that was when I realized that we really have been played for puppets by our government.

        Nell, Southern America

        The people who laugh at the "conspiracy theory" are the ones who have their heads in the sand. International moguls have had control of the world's affairs forever.

        Anonymous, Hansville

        Those who are working against American sovereignty commit treason. What government in the world would they rather have that would benefit this nation? There is none. The U.N. certainly does not and would not as it it basically an anti-American organization made up mostly of dictators of various kinds who oppose any kind of human freedom in their own countries and work mightily to take away the Constitutional rights of Americans. The Council on Foreign Relations is working right along with it. I once thought the CFR was a loyal American organization but discovered that it is the exact opposite.

        Robert, Eugene

        Ha Ha Ha , that says it all.

        Sailorswind, Cadillac

        And to think from our humble beginnings of dependency on God we came to believe in evolution, the survival of the fittest, not the meek but the strong shall inherit the earth, men are but higher animals. When they took prayer and God out of our culture they left us to man's own inventions of right and wrong. The lesson taught clearly in the Bible against collectivism is the Tower of Babel, whether you believe in the supernatural confusing of men's tongues or not, the principle is relevant. God was and is for sovereign nations and diversity of cultures as well as religions so that each nation could discover on there own what works and what doesn't work. God is not a collective God. He is a personal God and speaks to each man's heart individually thereby making us Free moral agents. God is all about FREEDOM. He came to set us FREE, not from him but through discovering him.

        Robert, Somewhere in the USA

        The more centralization you have the more you are controlled and become a slave to the system. UN, CFR, NWO, EU, etc., etc. And who is in charge of these organization's - well, what's happening is they are all being consolidated into one giant indivisible secret club of which you are not a member. The motive is not the well being of those they are meant to be responsible for but those who sit behind the curtain. Individual and national Sovereignty will be a thing of the past - it will become global sovereignty - you will be made to become a member of this one order. This order realizes that our tiny little planet we call home cannot survive with a population that is out of control gobbling up all the resources. This why Russia is being earmarked for a take over as they have more resources by far than any other country. We are being killed by Wars, GMO's, Chem trails, injections, etc., etc. and by the very food we eat. Suddenly the mortality rate is in reverse. All this while club members enslave the masses and get power and wealth. All this will not matter if America goes to war with Russia. It will all go back to zero. Even those who have fled to new Zealand will not be saved from such an occasion. Our sovereignty is being attacked by unknown forces - we are at the tipping point. If we remain silent then the club will have its way and all will be lost. So, live well, live and be happy and remember, they can never take away your love.

        Ronw13, OR
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          Ronw13, OR    3/22/18

          To say, Sovereignty of the individual or this nation, is a fetish, is extremely foolish.

          Patrick Henry, Red Hill

          The panjandrums of the CFR shall not be content until after they have succeeded in their heinous, decades long, efforts to render the nation a fetid, flyblown, utterly ungovernable other than by totalitarian means, latter day Babel.

          Since 1965, particularly, have they found themselves experiencing noteworthy success in their efforts to advance their unholy agenda.

          E Archer, NYC

          I agree with you Robert, I just don't understand how you can advocate in previous posts for the very socialist policies that created the Leviathon in the first place. There is not a social program today that could run without credit or subsidy with money that is borrowed out of thin air for which taxes pay the interest. THAT is the process for centralization and perpetual debt, which the powers-that-should-not-be lay upon the people of every nation, as if THEY were the debtors!

          The goal of central government is to replace voluntary charity with mandatory taxes that are to pay for 'social services.' The usurper always usurps for the common good. Whenever the 'common good' is put into the hands of a committee, it is no longer 'common' at all. I suppose since you don't believe in God, you don't believe in the congregations of people who embrace the principles of their religion. Your version of socialism sounds to me like a religion with the same calls to action.

          robert, somewhere inthe USA

          Hi Archer, good to see you. My calls to action have always been the interest of the people and NOT the corporate elite. The Government wants both, taxes and drastically reduce social services. It is possible for a committee to represent the common good, though I agree, it is rare. Usually, self interest creeps in...
          Their are many NGO's that are just products of the deep state. Perpetual debt is the only form of income for these pariah's of the working class. Centralization, unchecked, creates greed, apathy and mindless knee jerks - it is a cancer that eats away at the freedom they though it would create.

          robert, somewhere inthe USA

          By the way, my atheism has nothing to do with how I treat and behave to all walks of life. Atheism is jus a NO instead of a YES. It's really that simple....


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