Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster, (1782-1852) US Senator

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“If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering.”

Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster
~ Daniel Webster

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Karen, Wickliffe, OH

Amen, Brother Daniel!

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    A.H, TX    10/24/09

    We wont necessarily prosper, just look at Job, but when the America has reached its peak and begins the quick plummet to destruction along with the rest of the world at least there could have been a greater number saved here if we had held onto the principles of the Bible, the principles of an All-Powerful God.

    O. Delusional Liberal

    If we all abide by Biblical principles of our own free will, KEEPING CHURCH AND STATE SEPARATE, our country could prosper. Or fail. But probably prosper. If we all practice different faiths (or no faith at all in some cases), KEEPING CHURCH AND STATE SEPARATE, our country could prosper or fail, probably prosper. If we all live out the rest of our lives as atheists, KEEPING THE PROVISION FOR SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, our nation could prosper or fail. And again, it would probably prosper. But if the wall of separation between the church and state comes crashing down, America will definitely fail, because then everything it stands for will be lost.

    Michelle Robinson, Bradenton

    My fear has always been the invasion of 'beliefs' other than christian and we are paying a high price for this intervention and lack of our conscientous action to 'pray unceasingly', as did George and the other founding fathers. Congress has never met the expectations and beliefs and action as it should have...


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