Edmund BurkeEdmund Burke, (1729-1797) Irish-born British statesman, parliamentary orator, and political thinker

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“I dread our own power and our own ambition; I dread our being too much dreaded. ... We may say that we shall not abuse this astonishing and hitherto unheard-of-power. But every other nation will think we shall abuse it. It is impossible but that, sooner or later, this state of things must produce a combination against us which may end in our ruin.”

Edmund BurkeEdmund Burke
~ Edmund Burke

describing his fears for the former British Empire

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Mike, Norwalk

History repeating itself, the Amerikan empire is in a stage of ruin because of astonishing abuse of power (and the criminal ambitions thereof - arm and train terrorists to do our bidding, create a police state violently apposed to We The People's individual sovereign rights, kill the innocent by drone, etc., etc., etc.). Combinations against us are accumulating.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Read "Marked for Death" by Geert Wilders and see what the real danger is to this country. Mr. Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament made some unflattering remarks about the Koran and the "Profit Mohammad" and is now marked for death by members of this "peaceful" so-called religion. Every American, regardless of political affiliation needs to read this book.

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

How apropriate that this quote came from and was made about the British Empire. Britain taught the US and A everything it knows about tyrany and the abuse of power; and now is reapingthe same rewars.


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