Finley Peter DunneFinley Peter Dunne, (1867-1936) American humorist, writer

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β€œAn appeal is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court.”

Finley Peter DunneFinley Peter Dunne
~ Finley Peter Dunne

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E Archer, NYC

The judiciary is no less partisan than other branches of government, yet somehow, judges are considered to be impartial and are often appointed for life.  BIG mistake.  Statism cannot keep statism in check.  Courts are now blocking lawful Executive Orders (the leftist 9th Circuit comes to mind) placing themselves at the top of the hierarchy, yet over and over these injunctions are dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.  To conquer a nation, one must conquer the legal system, and that is precisely how socialism has been implemented piece by piece by redefining the meaning of words and treating we the people as subservient subjects of the State/Crown.

jim k, Austin

Funny and true.

Mike, Norwalk

Not quite sure how to rate this. From a judges perspective within the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land β€” absolutely. From a sentient sovereign's perspective, a simple desire to correct an error is the intent.


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