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“The man who lives under the servitude of laws takes, without being aware of it, the soul of a slave.”

~ Georges Ripert

Le Déclin du Droit. Etude sur la législation contemporaine (Paris: Librairie Générale de Droit et de Jurisprudence, 1949), p. 94

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Joe, Rochester, MI

The more new laws take from me, the more depressed I become. Our country is no longer free, we are all slaves ... excluding the legislators who enslave us.

KS., Queensbury,NY.

Hmmm... I wouldn't say Anyone takes the soul of Anyone else. I would rephrase this statement. There is a grain of truth to be expressed here. "The man who lives under the servitude of Man made laws, serves Man as his Master. The man with higher principles, serves under God's Laws which are the Best and most worthy of Mans laws plus more." Well,you get the picture.

Mike, Norwalk

ABSOLUTELY ! ! ! We hold this truth to be self evident ! ! ! The man who succumbs, or otherwise willingly lives under the servitude of laws (legal positivism, legal realism, god/man's laws, etc.), whether he be aware or not, possesses the soul of a slave. Welcome to Amerika (the once land of the free and home of the brave), the current land of the fee and home of the slave.

Ron w13, Or

They ask for more and give less, but expect obedience. A credit based economy is not wise !! Just as there is no end to writing of books, so also writing of laws. To cease from strife is honor. Do not strive but resist compliance. If I believe in (God and his laws ), I also believe he is able to govern my life and purpose. Wealth is a defense, so also is faith. If wealth is removed, were is your defense ?

E Archer, NYC

It's interesting that so few countries in the world speak about Liberty any more -- especially the US. Law and Order are pursued instead for 'security.' Of course, the Nazi's were all for that as well... Americans need a new rebirth in Freedom -- what other modern country in the world has ever broken free from the shackles of church and state? The very idea of freedom is being conditioned out of us. When will we reject fascism once and for all?

Don Lee, Reno

Lame.French lame. Being that nature's laws have to be strictly followed or you are a slave to your own ego. Ya don't go down the road to proto Marxism with the ideas of French theory on liberty or you still are not free and never will be.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Don Lee, Reno 8/19/20

Lame. Another ad hominem fallacy addressing nothing of the quote.  Instead of dumping on all the quotes, how about making a real argument?


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