Harold J. LaskiHarold J. Laski, (1893-1950) British political theorist, economist, author, and lecturer

Harold J. Laski Quote

“The only real security for social well-being is the free exercise of men’s minds.”

Harold J. LaskiHarold J. Laski
~ Harold J. Laski

Authority in the Modern State, 1919

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KS, Somewhere,USA

Ultimately then,after everything is said and done,we should have social wellbeing in America as long as Americans have the free exercise of their minds,according to this quote.

E Archer, NYC

Freethinking is not the problem -- it is forcing Utopian dreams upon others that is the problem. The ideas of Communism got their hold through freedom of speech, but the effort to then convert free men into wards of the state crosses the line from liberty to tyranny.


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