Jean-Baptiste SayJean-Baptiste Say, (1767-1832) French economist, businessman

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“Alas, how many have been persecuted for the wrong of having been right?”

Jean-Baptiste SayJean-Baptiste Say
~ Jean-Baptiste Say

A Treatise on Political Economy, 1803

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me again
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me again    9/6/06

Many!! Too Many!!

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Such concepts as absolute "right" and "wrong" are too nebulous, better to ask how many have been persecuted for the wrong of having disagreed with those currently in power...

E Archer, NYC

A radical is one who speaks the truth.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Another interesting question, of course, is how many have been persecuted for actually being wrong? It does not justify persecution, but fools should be challenged and made to feel like fools.

Ronw13, OR

To loosen the chains of misery, requires mercy, 
WWG1WGA MAGA, A merciful Leader understands the mischief of oppression through majority. The ground is saturated with the blood of such persecuted. Let not the blood of our forefathers have been spilt in vain. Semper Fi 

Mike, Norwalk

A current example would be, the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land's national establishment of religion's (in corporate form) persecution of their/its dogma/conon infringements (outside a very narrow interpretation of life, liberty and property).


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