National Police Officers' Association of America Quote

“We feel that an American citizen of voting age and good character should have the right to purchase without restriction a handgun, pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, or like item without interference by a government body.”

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Mike, Norwalk

Considering the source, a great start and fabulous support network. A reference to feelings and list defining their perspective doesn't quite rise to the level on an inalienable right at nature's law.

Denise, Durango

Having been closely associated with the sheriff's office for 20 years, this statement is just more reinforcement. In 93' Clinton undermined our Second by firing 93 U.S. attorneys and replacing them with leftist libs intent on muddying and ultimately destroying our RIGHT to self defense. Chief Gordon Eden, Albuquerque, about 3 years ago after two top cops were gunned down by repeat violent offenders who should never have seen the light of day again, stated on camera; "I have seen a weakening of our justice system over the last 20 years." Indeed sir, by design. Just as 9 nations going back to 1900 were similarly disarmed. The "unspoken" narrative is convince the unknowing "get rid of an inanimate object with no capability of thought or action of it's own" and all our crime problems will be solved. Of course the massive genocide committed by these governments is never spoken of.
Bottom line, criminals are literally getting away with murder so those who's maniacal desire to rule the masses, can continue to lie, twist and brainwash the uneducated into screaming for the abolition of firearms...(armed prey cannot easily be eaten)....Disarming America is a primary goal of the increasingly socialist/communist left...and the blood of the innocent is merely collateral damage to achieve a "greater goal".


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