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“Republicans don't know how to defend morally an individual's right to achieve wealth and to keep it, and that is why they fail. ... It's part and parcel with their ambivalence over the individualist heritage of the nation. ... One of the things that people have to understand is that the American Revolution was truly an epic revolution in the way individuals were perceived in relation to the rest of the society.  Throughout history individuals had always been cogs in some machine; they'd always been something to be sacrificed for the king, the tribe, the gang, the chieftain, the society around them, the race, whatever, and the real revolution, in America especially, was a moral revolution.  It was a moral revolution in that ... suddenly, with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the individual, his life, his well-being, his property, his happiness became central to our values, and that is what really made America unique.  People came here from all over the world to try to escape the kind of oppression they had and experienced in the past. They came here for freedom; they came here for self-expression and self-realization, and America offered them that kind of a place.”

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J Carlton, Calgary

True statement all around. But I would add that both parties are in the same boat as far as their encroachment into the rights of idividuals. One advocating socialism, the other promoting crony capitalism. Neither are true to American values as defined by the Founding Father's and the Founding Documents, which is what brought me to be a Libertarian. I don't subscribe to anything but the rights to property and individual sovereignty. And I advocate the same rights for everyone. Socialism sucks and crony capitalism sucks.

Mike, Norwalk

The supreme nobility of the individual sovereign is a designation that made the States united an historical star in the otherwise dismal abyss of time's political annals. Socialism, despotism, and all other forms of man's inhumanity to man has been the overwhelming norm. I know of no political structure on this planet's face today that embraces such freedom, liberty or noble precept.

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Abby    10/17/12

and there it is...

Cal, lewisville, TX

Wish it still did. You can't even bring your own money into this country now.

Vedapushpa, Bangalore - India .

Yes - the term and the terms of "the Republic' as in terms of its 'sovereign individual count' Thought needs to be kept alive in the common public mental So As To - Definitively differentiate it from the spurious individualistic counts of the Demo-parties which are in reality nothing but a mere conglomeration of llobbies of sorts - the validity of the specific claims notwithstanding.


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