Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson, (1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President

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“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson
~ Thomas Jefferson

in 1802 in a letter to then Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin

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Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Insightful and obvious, even to Ronald Reagan who put us firmly on the path to corporate governance. Uh, that would be governance BY corporations, not governance OF corporations. Viva ENRON!

Frank Clarke, Oldsmar

Jefferson, smarter than the best of the modern politicians, completely misses that the federal government has exactly the same power. Further, when there are competing currencies, (Euro vs Dollar, say) the exchange rate tells you all you need to know.

Peter, Detroit

Frank from Oldsmar forgets that Jefferson lived before the creation of the Federal Reserve. In Jeffersons time the government only issued gold and silver coin in payment of its debt. The exchange rate is not all you need to know between two fiat and tyrannical systems (Euro v Dollar).

J.P., New York City

The First National Bank of the USA was founded a few years after the Constitution was ratified. When Jefferson became president, he promptly refused to renew their charter seeing how the system was sucking the wealth from the citizens. Look folks, Jefferson is no fool, and neither are the bankers. The truth is that the government could issue its own currency interest free! And 2 presidents did -- right before they were shot dead -- Lincoln and Kennedy. All the notes issued by Lincoln and Kennedy were promptly recalled shortly thereafter. No president has dared to try it again...

Sharyn, Florida

Thank you, J.P. Do you think any history or economics teachers dare teach this in the public schools? Can Hollywood or even Sundance produce such a movie? When will we ever learn?

John-Douglas, Nassau

And who do you think owns the majority of shares in the Federal Reserve? Foreign Banking dynasties (Rothschilds own 51-52 percent of the Fed while Rockefellers own around 7 percent)own the Fed and rake in its profits while the American people own zero percent - but contribute 100 percent of the profits!

Scott H, Apopka

Sharyn, there is a movie called Money Masters and I have it on my website . It goes into great detail on how the federal reserve came to be and how it has been nothing but disaster - intentionally.

Anonymous, Spring Valley, California

I think that the corporations business form is an illegal subterfuge to avoid investor liability by creating a "fictional person" or a robot. The central problem of the corporation is that no one really owns it. The alienation of ownership and liability is illegal under the common law: (example) If you own a pit-bull and it eats a neighbor's child, you are liable and not the mutt. The same Supreme Court that decided that Dred Scott was property and must be returned to its owner is the same Supreme Court that decided a corporation was not owned and therefore was a person entitled to all the rights given by the IV Amendment. The American Revolution was fought against the corporations. It started with the Boston Tea Party.

cmc761, Taylors, SC

Jefferson's quote is so true. I am happy that so many are learning the evils of a system that has created very boom-bust cycle since its creation and yet it was sold to Americans as being a cure for such things.

D Froos, Chicago, IL

Even a revolt would be useless. There is no freedom left to fight for. We are controlled by people we don't see, and whipped by the system that we built. I'd still give my life if I felt their was a chance. We need a leader. We need a hero.

dw, chesapeake
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dw, chesapeake D Froos, Chicago, IL 4/19/21

we had a good president that basically stood alone,there won't be another one.

Bud, Wisconsin

well the Housing Subprime is begining. We are just Starting to Become Homeless by this what are we going to do with all these people! Thomas Jefferson was a Wise man and this Quote is coming true today. God Bless.. Humanity

Scott, Chilliwack

Ron Paul is the hero the united states (and Canada) needs to resolve this system of fascism and monetary distraught that is plaguing our countries.

Dion, Perth - WA

Yes Ron Paul is the Answer, Abolish the Fed, Australia is trapped by this system too. It is simply the Greatest problem in the world today, every time they drop the Rates to prop up the banks and keep the system running they devalue the dollar, they pretty much steal straight from the pockets of every single citizen in that country.

Brian, New Brighton MN

I think all of these people are correct. Right on in fact. However, what happens in every instance when someone from the outside tries to make a change. They are killed by the people who are actually in power.

Anonymous, Very Far Away

The evils of central banking are not in the private or public ownership , but in the top-down, supply driven structure and the creation of money from nothing. A just system based on gold can be centralized or decentralized, however, a debt-money system must be centralized because the currency has no sovereignty as an asset. It's simply an accounting system that needs the necessary evil of "Borg structure". Gold has never been a problem in of itself, but the logistics of gold have been. Today's ability to "split the gold", digitally and the ability to ship it from A to B in an instant, overcomes the gold problems of the past. The Bretton Woods gold system was only a problem because of the FIXED peg. Real time digital gold allows for instant real time valuations while giving the users the protection and store of value qualities of bullion. Gold with a new liquidity factor. The system must be rebuilt from the bottom-up with gold as a centrepiece, by way of the market, not government. Don't even attempt to think that the change will come from the top. It's "not in the script". We must "complete" the demand side of the supply-demand power equation that has been tilted toward supply since the apple was shoved in our faces when the "die was cast". You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins.

kittie katt, San Jose

If we can't impeach Bush or "kick them all out" then why don't we have a revolution and take back the issuance of our own currency.

Tim, Twain Harte California

The answer isn't to impeach Bush, he's going to be gone soon enough. That is if he doesn't seek an over throw of the Government, but honestly I think Bush is a pawn, he may actually believe what he is doing is securing the safety of the American people. This is not a Republican or a Democrat problem both sides have fliped on the issues over the decades people have to start looking past the parties and realize this is just a smoke screen. The true enemies are the elite bankers that seek to enslave us. Their wealth is calling the shots and now they have us where they want us. The federal reserve bankers are the true enemies. While over the decades we've argued about everything from women's rights to gay marriage these insidious wealthy elite kicked back and laughed while they laid the foundation of globalizm and are now ready to secure their ultimate goal of world take over. Don't take the National ID card!! Tell your congressmen not to pass the H.R 1955 act (pure evil, Nazism) and don't forget to support Ron Paul.

MIke, Norwalk

WOW, I'm very much encouraged by the many comments here.

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RobertSRQ    2/18/08

This is excellent - well said TJ. Terry, Indeed! viva Ava Enron - as I said in yesterdays Libertyquotes 'do I hear the drums of July 14, 1789???? Yes, perhaps Michael More could make the film.

J Carlton, Calgary

As we get closer and closer to working for mere subsistence to support the state...just like good communists. It isn't too late can be put right. God Bless America.

J carlton, Calgary

Aaron Russo's, "America: Freedom to Fascism" Must see...

Andrew P., Ottawa, Canada

Education is the key. Start home schooling your kids and get them off the big government is good conveyor belt of public education. School boards get money for every kid in a seat; no kids no money so learn what you can about alternative education where your kids will actually be able to read and write. Do this and your half way home and your kids will have a fighting chance. Public education is where they start the dumbing down process.

E Archer, NYC

The solution is to simply revoke the charter of the Fed, seize their assets, then knuckle-down for a depression. If we can keep the faith during the 'correction,' remember what all the pain and suffering is for (payment for our 'sins'), and do not succumb to the socialist politicians that will clammer to return to the old system, we might actually have a chance. But only the president has the power to make the final signature, so it rests on him/her. Only Ron Paul has declared he would do it -- all the rest of today's presidential candidates are firmly dependent on the current system and work ever diligently to keep their puppeteers in business.

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    RobertSRQ    2/18/08

    What the hell is the point of an election putting people into power and then when they make an absolute mess of things blame it on the socialists or the liberals - for heavens sake wake up America - stop blaming those not at the helm. If you want to be proactive then come up with constructive suggestions not a barrage of insults and pointing the finger. If you want to change the system be part of it and change it from within. If you want a different school system get the parents to unite and create their own schools - but please do not educate kids at home in a vacuum. I’m not a parent but you folks out their with kids unless you change the system they are heading for a really rough ride. We must bring back ethics and philosophy to our schools – we must bring back the teaching of self-discipline, all of which are the stalwarts of enlightenment – without self-discipline there is no freedom. The reason why education gets little attention is because the feds want you dumb, they want you dependent on all their toys, their banks, their unenlightened rhetoric. We the people are being raped by the an arsenal of weapons; income and property taxes, schools and college fees, insurance (health/property/auto/), utility bills, the cost of food – we don’t even own our own home. The tax and banking system are making slaves of us – sorry, they have made slave of us. We must get out away from the comfort of our homes and start to take our country back, we must start by creating our own schools our own banks our own governance/government our own future – GOOD LUCK! LETS DO IT! The internet is out there let's use it... P.s. great comments guys and girls

    Carole, Huntington

    There was the story about Ben Franklin who saw the poverty in England, the poorhouses. He was asked about the poor in America and answered there were no poor because they printed their own money and the economy was doing so well. England could have none of that and put an end to it.


    Jefferson continues to speak & America ought to listen. Wiser thoughts seldom have ever been penned.

    jim kilpatrick, austin, tx

    There is a great book called " The Essense of Jefferson", by Martin Larsen. It consists of writings and letters by Jefferson. His views on government, religion, just about everything are included. A must read to learn more about Jefferson, from his own pen.

    Steve, Cincinnati

    Ron Paul can't get it done. Revolution can't be achieved from the top down. The whole point of the 1st and 2nd amendments were to provide the people with a way to take back a government gone amok (NOT for porn, art, hunting, collecting). All it took, back then, was enough people to band together, with the weapons of the time, to get it done. In these times, a grass-roots approach like this won't work either. The only realistic way that it could be accomplished is for states to become more regionally powerful and take back the power they were intended to have in the first place. Let the people who want what Californians want move to California and live under their rules. Let people with more conservative views move to Kentucky and neither to bother the other over social issues. Secession is still an option and ought to be looked at much harder than it was in the 19th century. There is more reason to consider it now, than ever.

    Patrick Timpone, Dripping Springs Texas

    Jefferson was the real deal. I know you all are seekers of Truth in these matters. I've been doing a show called "The Real World of Money" featuring currency historian and expert on the U.S. Monetary System, Andrew Gause, for many years. Several of the recent podcasts are available at no cost on our subscription site. Mr. Gause is the real deal Enjoy! One Radio podcasts/money/

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      Anonymous    9/10/08

      Ron Paul. Now lets fix it already.

      fixa6, geogia

      Its time...We the people need to realize that we as afree people demand and rise up and remove those who dare challenge our civil liberties and rights as a free people. I'm ready to fight and die if it means my only child will live as God gave breath and our forefathers provided human rights that she would never be a slave to this corrupt system .

      Ken, North Carolina

      We have allowed to happen exactly what President Jefferson warned us not to allow. It's time to take up arms.

      Star, New Jersey

      All of your comments are good, but if you are old enough to remember Nikita Kruschchev, check out this quote: "We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism." Nikita Khrushchev And Beware!!

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      Anonymous    1/28/09

      What happened to the days when we had just the right amount of disgruntled, jobless, crazies. Crazies that became that way because of people like Thain and Madoff who made desicions that bankrupted their families and made it impossible for them to feed their children. Crazies that didnt care if they went to prison for killing these criminals on the street. How many people have taken their own lives because of finacial duress from these "Executives"? Why is that not murder?

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        Anonymous    2/12/09

        It may be famous, but its not Jefferson. According to the OED, "inflation" and "deflation" were not used in the monetary sense until long after Jefferson's death. Search the online archives at for "inflation" "deflation" and "depreciation" and you will find that the latter was the term Jefferson used for the devaluation of currency.

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        anonymous    2/22/09


        countryboy, colo

        bush is a great man and did the right things the real reason for the money problems is wallstreet those idiots get to control the price of everything oil for example 6 cents a gal goes to the oil companies 11 cents a gal goes to the refineries and 32 cents a gal goes to the gov the rest goes to wallstreet

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        Sarge    3/11/09

        Are you fearful of your government ? Afraid to speak out or teach the truth ? Give up your materialistic lead life and grab the pair god gave you. We need patriots in this country.. not more greedy opportunist who only care for their selves. You are trading your freedom for money that belongs to someone else. You are a slave to the private bankers, yet you want to argue over the exact words our forefathers used to get across the same point ? Divide and conquer. Are we divided as citizens ?? I think so ! Lets drop the crap and make these people answer to the people !! Power to the People !

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          Sarge    3/11/09

          The problem IS The private bankers and interests who are allowed to funnel billions of dollars at our political leaders to keep laws to their favor (The corporate rich). This system was broken from the beginning and put in place by wealthy elite. (The Federal Reserve System) (STUDY STUDY STUDY..) Quit trying to fix what can't be fixed ! AND.. to Mr. Steve from Ohio.. Our forefathers left instructions in the constitution for this problem.. it's called CONSTITUTIONAL REDRESS. Study Steve. And support HR 1207 !

          Brian, Pittsburgh, PA

          Jefferson understood the principles of free, sound money! We really need to understand the founding fathers and get back to the Constitution.

          Bryan, Sarasota

          Those of us who are not blinded by the banker owned media with their smoke screen of Dems. and Rep. would love to change the system and corruption the way we are supposed to get change, with elections. Problem is with campaign finance laws the way they are now, it takes bank backed canidates to run. An army of attorneys is needed to help abide by these laws or you are fined continuously for breaking these laws. This is all to keep Joe Average out of their club. Also if your campaign doesnt have enough money its considered irrelevant and you get no media coverage. The election of Obama should be proof enough of how important that is. The media can get a man elected and just proved it. Of course they are owned by the same bankers that own our politicians and would call all of the people speaking on this board religious, gun carrying, redneck, extremist, conspiracy theorist wackos. A complete overthrow is never going to happen in my opinion because of the media. The masses will be told that its terrorism. What are some real ideas of a change? How can the blind masses who are fooled by this phony Dem and Rep fight be reached? The internet yes, but most people feel and are told that internet info isn't truthful most of the time. We need solutions to wake people up!

          Jeremy, Natick, MA

          Look guys, the Federal Reserve is a bad idea because it puts great powers in the hands of a few who are unaccountable to no one. HOWEVER, please get your facts straight because you are damaging the cause. I actually paid attention in history class, and have documents to back this up: Jefferson, although opposed to banking in general, allowed the Bank of the United States to stay in existence as part of a deal to win his election from the congress. Look it up, the Bank lasted until 1811. Jefferson left office in 1808

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            Anonymous    5/29/09

            Also, this is a misquote. Which is so unfortunate because Thomas Jefferson did have concerns about banks so we should use the actual quotes! We need to educate ourselves before educating the public lest we look like a bunch of crazed Alex Joneses running around with our heads cut off and no one will ever take us seriously.

            Jesse Parent, WA

            Thomas Jefferson was a very bright individual!

            Mark, Los Angeles

            Not a legitimate Jefferson quote.

            red, floresville,tx

            legitimate Jefferson quote or not its absolutly true!!!!!!!

            Bob, Palo Alto

            This is a FAKE quote. Didn't happen. Been passed around many times as real. Like Liberty quotes, oppression quotes, socialism quotes, etc. Look it up as an urban legend. One obvious clue is that the word "homeless" is a word of very modern usage.

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              KEN    10/2/09

              WASHINGTON CRIMINAL RULERS: YOUR CRIME IS TREASON . FOUNDING FATHERS & THE CONSTITUTION............... I think that the corporations business form is an illegal subterfuge to avoid investor liability by creating a "fictional person" or a robot. The central problem of the corporation is that no one really owns it. The alienation of ownership and liability is illegal under the common law: (example) If you own a pit-bull and it eats a neighbor's child, you are liable and not the mutt. The same Supreme Court that decided that Dred Scott was property and must be returned to its owner is the same Supreme Court that decided a corporation was not owned and therefore was a person entitled to all the rights given by the IV Amendment. The American Revolution was fought against the corporations. It started with the Boston Tea Party. -- Anonymous, Spring Valley, California LET NEW DICTATORSHIP TAKE OVER THE NATION....... WE NEED ARMY GENERALS TO STRIKE AND HANG ALL WASHINGTON CRIMINAL RULERS & WALLSTREET+BANKER THUGS, SEIZE ALL THE WEALTH OF CORPORATE CROOKS NOW . PULL OUT ALL FORCES AND BRING THEM HOME, PRODUCE ALL GOODS HERE AT HOME, STOP ALL IMPORTS SHIT CANCEL ALL OUTSOURCED JOBS NOW OR THIS IS THE FUTURE CIVIL UNREST IN 2010 When the system collapses, no one knows what will happen. Do the frightened masses turn to a strong dictator, choosing safety and slavery over liberty and freedom? It is entirely possible. This is where those who believe in the Constitution can make our stand. We already have the document and the principles of government. We just need to adhere to and reinstitute them. Now is the time to join up with groups of like minded citizens. Meet regularly and discuss the real issues. Develop relationships with these people. When the shit hits the fan, they will be there to support you. Having like minded groups communicating in person and through the internet today could set the groundwork for the new country. Ideas are what drive revolutions. The collapse of the U.S. dollar is likely to be the trigger for the systematic collapse. It makes tremendous sense to be trading your future worthless pieces of paper for real money today. As the government sees the imminent collapse, they will become more desperate. Acquiring guns legally today is a good insurance policy for what might happen in the future. The mainstream media will continue to ridicule those who fight for the Constitution. Ron Paul is just a man. He is no savior. It's his ideas that matter. George Washington was just a man. He was a man who gave everything for his country. Are you ready to get out of your SUV and fight for the Constitution? The time is near at hand. "The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves." -- George Washington

              Rob, Detroit

              This is a fake quote. It does not appear in any writings or letters by Thomas Jefferson.


              I hate it when people post that a revolution would be useless because there's not freedom left to fight for. That kind of limited thinking is what prevents us from asserting any meaningful change. The Corporations are in power because they are our 'tax collectors'. We have to get back our right to pay our own taxes so that our legislators will stop conceding to private interest groups. They will have no other choice but to listen to "We The People" because then we will BE in charge of their salaries.

              Patriotic Consumer

              We have to rein in our spending. Stop the corporations from succeeding. Don't buy their garbage anymore. Just buy the essentials. Nobody needs anymore 'gadgets'. Learn to live without the next new fangled sparkly object and stick it to them where it counts. The best way to get even with the rich is to take away their money. If this holiday season is a bust, they will go down the drain where they belong.

              crazyhorsebaboongoose, kiddy

              the key is a generational awakening. we as young people have witnesed the faceade of 9/11 allowing the robbery of middle-eastern oil. the implosion of the western economies, followed by restriction of credit, worsening the situation. While the banker owned media tout rumours of stock market collapse, producing the type of fear that makes one inevitable, then buy up less toxic companies once they have been massivley devalued and continue their accumulation of wealth. The fact that the people in power (i mean those with the real financial clout, ie. the shadow governments) care not for the every day individual, and these same average people have no way of entring the system at any leve which coud initiate change, means that we as people need to rject the useless, hollow consumer based materailist lifestyle they have subtly imposed in western countries through a complex web of education (teaching you what they want you to know, not to think indepedantly), avertising, fear mongering, hi tech propaganda etc. Example, the crazy tidal wave of support for Barack Obama that stemmed from the media. The creation of a situation (economic, social etc) that left people in desperate need of hope. The mass manipuation is evident yet it seems people are reluctant to face the fats. Preferring to live in an illusionary cocoon of trust in those who reap the rewards of our work. We become machines for the mass production of whatever commoditis the rich reuire to become richer. Make something for them worth 10 and they give you 2 of it. justifying it trough expansive language with no meaning, or the capitalisy ideal. Democracy has becom a hollow word, seperate from its original definition. They promote it as the epitimy of political freedom, yet oppose in any way necessary an alternative political structure. Democracy is freedom?? Yet we have not the freedom to choose an alternative structure. These people are cold-hearted eugenesists and they are coming for you and the generations to come, look around you at the ghosts among us. people liing with no purpose, because they blindly beleived there purpose to be fulfilled mterialy and terefore economically. The very things these people control. do they control you? do you challenge peoples beliefs constantly to attempt to spread an awakening or are you an armchair idealisy who is just lazily cynical of the ludicrous power structures who gradualy and subtly, but effectively and with an evil intelligence enforce control. what the fuck is terrorism after all... lguage manipulation through a disturance of the collective public consciousness after 9/11 so people abondo reason and give way to racial hatred towards muslims etc... divide and conquer. black white asian is irrelevant if we dont collabarate and avacate ourselves of the illusionary mindstate that they attempt to presciribe for us we will be so obliouv they will fuck us all over again and again. the world is chaging... too many peole living in blid comfort allowing this madness to continue. nce house, car, family... so your ok?? this will not last for ever, the strategies of these people are long term... intellectual criminals. the federal reserve has never been audited while they keep records of most things you do, watch u on cctv, document your every move. tell you your free until you do something they dislike, when they disguise the restriction through crazy legislation. what a rant!!! lovin it!!! dont h8 america or g.b's people. just the idiots at the top in the shadows and those peole to stupid or ignorant or fearful to try ad enact a change before it is too late. thak you and goodnight mothafuckers. peace and love to all with a moral compass, encourage this in your brothers and sisters if nothig else. you didnt choose ur life, i didnt choose mine. so do something real and spread the word so revolutuion and change become pheasible and not restricted to the pages of utopian novels

              Jimi Bigbear, Libertyville America

              Nice sentiments, good and true, but Jefferson never said or wrote them, unfortunately. He DID write some things similar, however. See this site: Here's what Jefferson DID say: in a letter to John Taylor in 1816. He wrote, "And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale." and Jefferson's comment to John Wayles Eppes, "Bank-paper must be suppressed, and the circulating medium must be restored to the nation to whom it belongs."

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              Anonymous    1/9/10

              I highly doubt that Thomas Jefferson said that in a letter to the Secretary of Treasury, your research should be accurate if you posting it.

              FedUP, Missouri

              Regardless if the quote came from Jefferson or whoever, it is absolutely true and happening before our very eyes. We, the people have become faceless drones feeding a corrupt system of wantons. Not only feeding it, but agreeing with it by letting it happen again and again. Have you heard? Now they want to take YOUR 401k's and allocate them into treasuries... LOL...LOL... go figure. They want the rest of it.... now.

              Anonymous, new orleans

              who cares

              Anonymous, Round Rock

              If it was an actual quote from Jefferson it would be great, but best as I can tell although Jefferson had real problems with credit banking and with paper money this quote can't be traced to him. Check Snopes on the subject, there's lots of variations of this going around out there.

              mike sheck, church hill, tn

              More interested in the people commenting. Hard to start a revolution signing your name "John H., from one of the Colonies". I like you folks. You need a leader. Mike Sheck 931 801-6754

              Anonymous, chennai, india

              this is is very good site. i just came acorss while searchign for thomas jefferson quote on Bankers. I think what jefferson si highly relevant today than in his time. I think what he said for US is ture for all voer the world including where i come from India. Central banking gives govt unlimited power to squander resoruces on wars that need arise in normal circumstances. Becoz with limtied sources govt have to eb vigilant in how they spend. central banking gives that kind of resource power to squander precious resources of many wasteful things. The reason jeeferson i eblive was agaisnt central banking was that he saw saw over english kings issues bonds to wage wars with fellow eureopeans powers

              T.L. Johnson, Athens

              While what the quote is saying is true it is not Thomas Jefferson who said it :( Please stop perpetuating this rumor.

              Anonymous, Lexington Mass.

              we need to rise up and rebel against this corruption kick some doors in and jerk the heads off some of these worthless rat bastards

              Jamboree In The Hills, Latvia

              Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

              Anonymous, Jackson

              If US citizens only knew !! The first bank of the US, the second bank on the US and the federal reserve were created by the same empire. The red shield or "Rothschild". They changed their name from German Bauer to Rothschild for financial reasons. The Federal reserve was created in the dark of night on Jeckyl island off the coast of georgia in 1910. Enacted into law by their chosen president in 1913. I truly fear for the life of Ron Paul if he attempts to eliminate the "Fed". The empire will terminate him as they have done before. The Afro americans are right. History has never been the truth as taught in the education system.

              jk, Santa Barbara

              It is time for the revolution and we can start with the banksters, it can be peaceful or violent it is up to them!

              AceBangerTheGuru, FREEDOM VILLE

              I Say, It's T.I.M.E 2 Get Your SHOUNT ON !!! SHOUNT.COM HAS A PLAN that Beat The bankers DEAD THE P.C.P. Peoples. CreditCardBailOut. program.

              Norm, Hartford

              Thank you Wilson for creating the Fed, Nixon for dropping the GOLD STANDARD and Clinton for getting NAFTA & GATT rolling. We couldn't be here without them. Shame Reagan didn't get us back on the GOLD STANDARD (as he threatened the Fed with and had the economy destroyed by the Fed for) in 1982.

              EG Mitchell, STKN

              The whole problem is the original 13th amendment to the Constitution was illegally taken on when we were at civil war. That amendment to the Constitution keep out political leaders honest or they simply will lose their US citizenship.

              mindymayhem, Huntington Beach

              I can't believe morons would lump Ron Paul - who is anti separation of church and state - with Jefferson, who was so passionately pro the concept, that he has practically been written out of Texas conservative brainwash re-edited textbooks! And, for the commentor who just assumes a pit bull will attack a child, Jefferson had two of them! Suck it.

              ehnonymous, Sacramento, CA

              Peter from Detroit, you are incorrect that during Jefferson's day they only issued gold & silver. The colonies had experimented with fiat scrip before the Revolution. And while the Fed wouldn't be around for a long while, Jefferson brought down the US's first attempt at central banking, The Bank of North America (which was also fiat). Jefferson saw almost every form of modern currency pass by him, he knew very well the situation.

              Cliff, Miami

              From Woodrow Wilson. After he signed a bill that would open the strongest centralized bank into being. JP Morgan spread rumors that were untrue about American banks. Causing a mass panic making all our banks try to make good on all accounts at the same time. Making JP Morgan even more wealthy by buying up all the stocks from panicked Americans for pennies on the dollar. An Agent of the Rothschilds, They did the same thing in Europe during the Napoleonic wars. This take over on the American Economy was well planned out a head of time at Jeckell Island. They even had the papers drawn up ahead of time in 1907. Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Rothschild and other of their agents. They had Woodrow Wilson sign it on the promise that with their connection & financial backing he would become president & then sign this act into law. These criminals will throw you in prison for not paying them. That is called extortion. Not one RED PENNY goes to fixing our infrastructure It goes to pay the worst kind of taxation without representation. Printing money out of nothing. I wonder if they could make good if every one called in their money. It not backed by gold but by people. The people are the commodity that backs the dollar. Wage slavery that's why they throw you in prison for not paying income tax all your taxes go back to these tyrants to pay back the Federal Reserve = slavery. Woodrow Wilson said: 'I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.' -- armanius, Miami

              Holy, Sacramento

              To JP of New York: You are right, sir, about the deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy, but do some research on McKinley, and Garfield who were also, both in process of creating a legitimate Treasury controlled currency and were shot for it ~

              MarK, Alamosa

              We.., Froos is wrong. He/she states:
              "Even a revolt would be useless. There is no freedom left to fight for. We are controlled by people we don't see, and whipped by the system that we built. I'd still give my life if I felt their was a chance. We need a leader. We need a hero."
              That's what you fight for----freedom! If you didn't fight to keep it, then you fight to get it back!
              You're not whipped by the system you built. It's in place, when you're knowledgeable enough to claim it. Lost causes are said to be the most worthy causes to fight for. You don't NEED leaders, you all need to become leaders. That's the difference between those who lose and those who win. It's the mentality of the person. If he talks like he's already defeated without a fight, he's the one you want as an adversary, right? It's those who don't give up when the going is terrible, that are the only ones that will by-pass the defeatist attitude. Never, never, never, never, quit. Think that was Churchill's speech. It matters not whether we like him or not, take from him his strong attitude of fight and each and every one must follow this path.

              Carl Johns, Fullerton

              Jefferson was a true American Patriot and figured out the corrupt banking system that is making us all slaves to the Rothschild's/Rockefellers, The Rothschild's had over a 100 yr start on the Rockefellers who are small change compared to the Rothschild's who are worth over 500 Trillion dollars and that does not spell mother it spells power. Kennedy wanted to by-pass the Federal Reserve and issue money to the people and look what happened to him. The establishment media wants us all to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy. That is the biggest lie ever.

              The Fed, Washington, D.C.

              We are watching you.


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