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“War is the tool through which the remaining Constitutional restraints on government and rights of the people will be destroyed. War will be the gateway through which total statism in any of its forms (fascism, socialism, communism) will be imposed upon the United States. They will rally the people’s patriotism, and give the laws Orwellian sounding names like the “Patriot Acts”, and “Freedom Laws” and cries of “America First,” but these acts will be anti-patriotic, anti-freedom, and anti-American. At the core of all these activities will be one purpose -- to impose ever increasing control over the citizens, marching toward total statism. They will suspend due process and Constitutional restrictions proclaiming “extraordinary times” require extraordinary measures. At first they will only be used against a few select atrocious and most heinous individuals with unfamiliar appearance, customs and beliefs. Initially, it will simply be a matter of degree, but the precedent is now set. Extraordinary measures solely for extraordinary individuals, but slowly and then more rapidly the extraordinary will become the ordinary until such measures can apply to anyone. They will deride anyone who opposes these Orwellian acts as dangerously naïve, as pacifists, as isolationists, as unpatriotic, as sympathizing with “the enemy” whoever “the enemy” may be at the time, and as un-American. They will make war with vague, ever changing goals and objectives. They will make war on elusive, obscure enemies by proclaiming wars against “subversives” or “guerillas” or “militias” or “revolutionaries” or “aggressors” or “terrorists” or whatever ambiguous name they can imagine so that the “enemies” will always be elusive, never eliminated or fully defeated. There will always be more “enemies.” War will be perpetual, lasting years or even decades. War will be the final mechanism that destroys America from within; and the people will proudly cheer and defend and support the dismantling of their rights and destruction of their Constitutional Republic, all out of supposed “necessity” to support “the war.””

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Mike, Norwalk

Thank you unknown and Editor, very accurate. The OWS's class war, the Tea Party's awe of the industrial war complex, the otherwise socialists (communists, progressives, fascists, collectivists of all kinds, etc.) war on natural law, freedom, liberty, justice and individual sovereignty with inalienable rights are all statist theocracy's patrons, supporting an ultimate war of destruction.

Byron, Fort Collins

Mike, I thought the Tea Party stood for limited government, for fiscal responsibility by government, and for adherence to the Constitution of the United States of America. Period. The military-industrial complex was something President Eisenhower warned Americans about. I don't know what it has to do with the Tea Party.

Al, DC
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Al, DC    12/2/11
Uncle Dave, Knoxville, MD

Unknown? Ok, fine... But this isn't even sourced. How can you quote something, without mentioning from where it comes? Can someone please explain the difference between this, and making something up, out of whole cloth, and putting quotation marks around it? It's not that I disagree with the premuse, I'm just disappointed at this seeming lack of responsibility, from Liberty Quotes, which I regularly share with my friends. Please, editor... Will you source this? It's not as bad as the rampant mid-attribution of quotes we are subjected to on the 'net, but it's not far removed, IMHO... Thank you.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA

The "America First" movement was anti-war. No wonder this quote is unattributed.

Joe Stimpert, Rochester, mn

I do not seek conflict nor do I glorify it. When I am attacked I respond with all the force I possess in order to stop the attack and insure it will not happen again. My country should behave likewise. You call it war and smoke another joint, I call it self preservation; the rational response of a free man.

Dan Burke, Portsmouth, VA

We live in a time when who said something is considered almost more than what is said. We seem to be more concerned with celebrity than truth. Remember "The Emperors New Clothes"? We have become jaded, like Pontius Pilate who scoffingly asked Jesus,'what is truth. Can such a nation be free?

Mann, Kalamazoo

Giving Uncle Dave's opinion due respect, which it completely deserves, it doesn't really matter to me whether the 'unknown' author used a crystal ball or 20/20 hindsight as muse. This, simply because the expressed thoughts offer an honest reflection of the way things have actually transpired, with real freedoms being 'voluntarily' surrendered on behalf of our national pursuit of unending, globe spanning projection of war. The actual reality described in the quote is where the essential message is found - the message that needs absolutely needs to be conveyed to a critical majority.

Carol Dorrough, Estero, Florida

Too late, we are so far down the path there is no way back. A masterful plan carefully conceived and then openly executed. WE THE PEOPLE only have our sad selves to blame, we took their pointless jobs, we took their cheap loans, we listened to their advertising, we put faith in meaningless religions, we focused on self-gratification and trashy lifestyles, we ate their stultifying food, we took their pacifying drugs, we died in their pointless wars, we never remembered, we always surrendered, we are GUILTY AS HELL of this situation and still, every day, every minute we suck up this terminal cancerous fodder without shouting from the rooftops ENOUGH! We are already slaves, already chained, and still smiling like the idiots we are. We deserve everything we get. If you think I am crazy read Ayn Rand - or read her again - and weep.

Uncle Dave, Knoxville, MD

Mann: Fair enough, and well put. Perhaps I have a fascination with context; I may not agree any more strongly (or disagree, for that matter), based on context, but may be more intrigued, or more likely to disseminate the quote, if I knew it was scrawled on cardboard at an OWS rally, or cribbed from the Unabomber's Manifesto, or a comment on HuffPost or Townhall... Was the author sincere?....or satirically mocking an opinion diametrically opposed to his/her own... Agree or disagree with the sentiment of the quote, I think it would carry more weight, if it were sourced, even anonymously....

jim k, Austin, Tx

The quote is exactly right and we see it happening now and ever since the so called Civil War. Rent or buy the movie "1984" from Geoprge Orwells book and you get a good picture of this quote.

cal, lewisville, tx

And Jim K, don't forget "Animal Farm" and "Atlas Shruged".

Uncle Dave, Knoxville, MD

And Brave New World, and The White Mountains, and A Wrinkle In Time, and so much of Phillip K. Dick's work.... My point is, these writings mean so much more to the free thinker, because we are familiar with the sources; we can google them, read other of their works, if alive, we can know what they actually think of a given issue, if passed, it's amusing to play "what if", regarding how Franklin, for example, would react to OWS, or the Tea Party. "Unknown", can throw gas on a fire, but a movement, without leaders, is a mob. An unattributed quote, seems indistinguishable from platitude, to me...

Mike, Norwalk

Byron, about the Tea Party. You accurately described the grass roots Tea Party Libertarians. My reference was to the Republican (Bachmann, Beck, etc.) usurpation and re-direction of the freedom movement. Thank you for making that point.

Anonymous, ST Augustine

anonymous's "war" quote is too much bush derangement syndrome. I give it no stars . The People are not just so many sheeple as to be so easily led into pro-war aggression over made up nothings. Sure there are people wandering around not paying attention but that dies not make them total dupes. Those who believe Cheney to be a war mongering social engineer are the dupes. Dupes of democrat partisan mudslinging.

Carol Dorrough, Estero, Florida

Hello anonymous, this has nothing to do with politics or the pitiful 2 party system in our country, or any other ideology, it has to do with us, the "sheeple" as you so correctly say, who are easily bewildered and led to, amongst other things, the slaughter. We are not the masters of our own universe and we cannot be until we STAND UP.

E Archer, NYC

Wow, great quote. I wish I had said this as well as the unknown author has. The quote does not appear to be any more 'Democrat' than 'Republican' since every president in my lifetime has sent men to war. Of course the Bush's come to mind, but Clinton and Obama ordered troops into foreign lands without Congressional declarations of war. Of course the 'war' on drugs has caused more loss of rights than any 'real' war as it has justified all manner of corruptions of due process. A bunch of bloggers here post anonymously -- doesn't bother me. I hope the Editor can find the author to this quote so that I can read more. As for the Tea Party comment from Mike, I think it is the so-called conservatives that bow to the military-industrial complex. Ron Paul is the real hero of the Tea Party, and he is not supportive of foreign un-declared wars -- and I believe that to be the primary reason the Republicans shun him. Of course he is also against funny money and endless debt, so the banker-controlled government and media must ignore him in order to keep their jobs...

Gary, Omaha

As long as the 2nd amendment is adhered to it will never get as bad as the author seems to think it will get. I read a Robert Heinlein back in the 1970's on how the government had made marijuana totally legal. The rationale was it was better to have 25% or more of the general populace stoned so as not to care what the government does. The enemy was a group calle Pan-Asians, actually Chinese if you read deeper. My point is that what one person writes about what might happen is mere specualtion on their part. Take the money, I mean profit, out of politics and the politicians will disappear to be replaced by civil servants as defined in The Federalist Papers. Semper FI

Robert H, Charlotte NC

I don't know what most Americans think about war and its numerous excuses to remove our freedoms but I for one would trade imaginary safety for freedom any day. From the Patriot act to the TSA, every so-called protection has its cost in our rights as Americans. Have the TSA actively stopped any terrorist to date? Do you feel safer flying on a commercial jet during a domestic flights? It is time we, the true voice and bosses of our government, take a stand, say enough is enough and demand that laws and agencies created to punish law-abiding citizens be repealed. Start by voting for candidates who believe the same thing, if that doesn't work then march on Washington. When all reasonable courses have been tried then we must take back out country from the bureaucrats by force if necessary. A citizenry in fear is a controllable group and law-makers and law-enforcement can ignore the real problems and focus on those they invent.

Waffler, Smith

I hope this creep stays unknown and I hope he dies and melts away. What a f.... conward. What a low ball act for liberty quotes to print such crap and call it famous quotes. And sadly most of the above apparently fall for it.

Waffler, Smith

I am sure many of the above would have been in the anti George Washington group who failed to support his efforts of organizing and army at Vally Forge!

Waffler, Smith

This guy claims to be a prophet who knew the names of these organizations, acts and laws before the fact. When did he write this in 1925. The guy is full of it trying to talk like he is prophetic. Obviously this tripe was wriiten recently and made to believe that it is prophetic. What utterly useless crap.

Ice, Metamora

It has nothing to do with being anti-war, waffler, you idiot. It's about how war will be used to destroy the Constitution. The quote is about how war will be fought against Americans by it's own government. How can you not see that? How can you not understand that? And yes, it is recent, that's obvious ... but it still applies. Try reading some of the things the founding fathers wrote and you can see they are comparable to the quote above. They all basically state that if we lose our freedom it will be because we allow it to happen.

warren, olathe

Bunch of crap


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