Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster, (1782-1852) US Senator

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“Whatever government is not a government of laws, is a despotism, let it be called what they may.”

Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster
~ Daniel Webster

Speech, 25 August 1825

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Logan, Memphis, TN

Amen, and Amen! Let men return to a state of nature, to reason and argue as logical beings their inalienable rights as given by their Creator! Let the bells of freedom ring once again with the music of personal liberty and accountability without restraint; let natural law only govern our movements, as we reason our interactions as creatures of this earth from where we were born. Long live our Republic!

J Carlton, Calgary

What we do have is a government of LAWS that is also a government of despotism. What we NEED is a government of justice...not "laws". Here is what is planned under Martial "law". http://www.libertyforlife.com/jail-police/us_concentration_camps.htm

Mike, Norwalk

Logan, said extremely well, thank you. Webster here is differentiating between God created law (gravity, fiscal, etc.) and that which man devises (and tyrannically, but falsely calls law) Only God can make laws. It is up to man to discover those laws and define in harmony with such by codes, rules, statutes, etc. When man's edicts differ from the God of Nature's laws, it does not matter if he calls those edicts law or what ever they may, it is despotism. It does not matter if you believe God gave the laws, they are the same for godless communists, followers of Islam, etc.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

You guys really weaseled on this one. History is full of men who claim to know Gods Law and foist it upon the unsuspecting. This is the worse type of despotism. We see it constantly in so called religious groups from the FLDS to the Taliban and the divine right of kings etcetera. This is not the law Webster admired. When the law of God takes over every one knows it and it is not contentious. The basic law of God is democracy "all men are created equal" as exemplified in the old and new testament. The Judeo/Christian teaching that we all are equal before God is the route of are equality and democracy before each other. The religious despots will deny this. "Liberty and Union, now and for ever, one and inseparable!"

E Archer, NYC

The Laws of Nature have nothing to do with religion. Natural Law is not enforced by man although he does seem to equate himself with God too often for my comfort. America is founded on the assertion that a person is born with his/her rights, not granted rights from someone else by vote or dictat. Equal rights have little to do with democracy as the passions of the majority are fickle and are not fixed. Our founders warned us against allowing our rights to be dictated by a majority vote. In fact, Adams said, "You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments: rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the universe." The only 'democratic' act I can remember from the Bible is the stoning of harlots, and I do believe Jesus tried to set us straight on that one.

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RobertSRQ    7/7/08

Yes, Archer, and they all walked away in shame. I'm sorry, but I do not believe in God - I believe we are all responsible for our own actions and those actions should be built upon basic tenets of communal living. We live in communities and those communities have certain laws and those laws are basically “do unto others as you would do onto yourself” From that simple belief and understanding are other laws that protect the individual from the majority and so on and so on… We vote for spokesperson’s to represent those laws but unfortunately it’s not the system or politics but our hearts that really are the factor. The question really is; are we able to transcend our ignorance and prejudice and become what we truly are? We contrive to survive and until that ends and the new age of enlightenment descends on us we will remain at war and like a cancer eat away at the very heart of our existence.

Mike, Norwalk

Archer, thank you also. Only Waffler would mix religion and law out of this statement. Waffler, what do you not understand? Just because the FLDS, Taliban, and kings claim a divine right to legislate behavior, it doesn't mean they do it with Nature's laws. Their acts are as unlawful as any socialist's, fascist's, despot's or somebody claiming liberty through union. The free and liberated stand united. Just because somebody says it is law doesn't make it so. Waffler, would you agree that murder is against the law no matter how many people voted on it? Would you agree that theft is unlawful no matter how many voted on it? Would you agree that rape is contrary to a lawful act no matter how many vote on it? Would you agree that spending more and committing more than you have or will have is against fiscal laws and will leave you bankrupt? It doesn't matter if you're FLDS, Taliban, or a king, all such is against the God of Nature's laws. If you truly believe "The basic law of God is democracy", then you live in, and preach the doctrine of you're theocracy, oligarichical man being god.

Mike, Norwalk

RobertSRQ said well. Like I've been trying to tell Waffler, it doesn't matter if you believe in a god or not, the laws pre-dated man's existence on this orb and are just as present today as they were yesterday. It doesn't matter what man calls law, its either lawful or its not. All compelled compliance, license, governmental larceny, victimless crimes, torture for information, all acts against the individual sovereign and his God of Nature endowed laws, etc. are illegal and unlawful

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Mike you are the one who brought up God in the first place in this blog. Can't you discuss anything from a human perspective, especially law, without bringing in some type of tyranny from on high. I simply agree that as Robert says we live in or should live in or would like to live in a community of equality, a community of "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" and expect others to do the same thing to you that is "expect them to do unto you as you would do unto them". You are the person Mike who always wishes to circumvent this type of community and union.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, you oopsed great big again. Your nonsensical hyperbole does not come close to addressing my comments. The God of Nature is not a reference to religion. The term God of Nature is from a human perspective. Rights do not come from other men or government, they are endowed as a faculty of birth. To focus on one word, take it out of context, and then create a whole unrelated story about it serves nothing. It is you that presents a tyrannical god. A god that supports murder, theft, rape etc. when the majority of man votes its acceptance. It is I that supports the individual sovereign and law, thus mandating my rights end where your nose begins. The golden rule and democracy are antithetical, one to another. I do wish to circumvent the type of community that suffers under a union. I support sovereigns united as equals in a law abiding, free and liberated community.

E Archer, NYC

Only Waffler would dare rewrite the Golden Rule to support his form of oppression -- "expect them to do unto you as you would do unto them"?! And if they don't? That indeed explains a lot. I think he actually means "it's OK to force people to treat you the way you think they should." The Golden Law is "Do NOT do anything you would NOT have done to you." Why? I think it is because 'as you sow, so shall you reap.'

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

The reversing of the Goden Rule simply implies that you are not less than others nor are they less than you. If you extend the Golden Rule to others you have a right to hope that it would also be extended to you in return. I find it is extended to me every day. People in my town are wonderful.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, FYI; When you extend the Golden Rule to others (do unto others as you you would have them do unto you) means; the buck stops here; i.e., if you are nice, fair, etc. to others with no expected return - you personally grow and ultimately become a more substantive and better human being. If you are nice, fair, etc. having a right to hope that it would also be extended to you in return - you have your reward; no growth or betterment is realized. The Golden rule concept happens to harmonize perfectly with " I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" The United Socialists of Amerika (USA) is a despotic government of men - antithetical to a government of law. Compelled compliance, license (by way of example: the individual sovereign's secular representative making the religious sacrament marriage illegal and not recognized unless the despotic government of men sells their privilege to perform such illegal act), victimless crimes, larceny with impunity (income / property / life taxes, funny money, etc.), non-recognition of individual inalienable rights, and forced anti-golden rule mandates are all aspects of an at, legal positivism, anti-law despotic government.

Ron w13, Or

Go, Logan. Very thoughtful with all gravity ! Long live our Republic ! The weeds of socialism have grown strong in our garden, as seen denying even the use of the word, ( Republic ) in their conversations. Spring has sprung and dead heading, removing of all things that offend has begun. Pray for your enemy, bless them and curse not. For in doing so thou shalt heap coals of fire upon their heads. Divine nature, in action, Reprove and rebuke with all longsuffering and Doctrine. We as a people move with Divine Providence, now, as was the call upon God's guidance also then. I do pray that the God of nature guide us in our thoughts, meditations and actions, in all things pleasing to him. We stand by faith, and are saved by hope. Liberty and Freedom ringing from the house tops. The ( Hybrid Republic ), awaken to the call. God bless you all. May his grace abound forever. Amen !

jim k, austin tx

Ron, what on earth does this comment mean, " We Stand by Faith and are Saved by Hope."

Ron w13, Or

It is and has always been by faith we stand in an establishment of the mind ! Liberty and Freedom. For our founding fathers to take the stand against tyranny was by faith you live and your enemy dies. The hope is to live through the day of battle. The faith being the essence of your strength. This based upon your belief in the God of nature, who is the Creator of all things. Some know the Rock, but others have only heard. Faith the word is used 247 times in a KJB. Consider the sum 13. The right to rebel . I Corin 1:24, and Rom 8:24. Doctrines of the very words bear out the truth of the matter. The right to rebel against oppression and tyranny.
The Bible is the Rock upon which the Republic Rest. For those that study doctrines of carnal law as also spiritual law, it is the same God who conduct the affairs of men.


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